NGA Announces New Commercial GEOINT Strategy

NGA_logoWASHINGTON (NGA PR) — The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has announced its commercial GEOINT strategy which outlines the agency’s plans to deliver commercial geospatial intelligence products and services to customers by leveraging greater persistence from its traditional and new and emerging GEOINT providers.

“This is an exciting time for GEOINT,” said NGA Director Robert Cardillo. “Innovators in industry are developing remarkable capabilities and services that will offer a wealth of unclassified data sources and new opportunities. NGA will strengthen its partnerships with innovators to explore new ways to access, analyze and evaluate data in support of diverse customer needs.”


NGA’s Commercial GEOINT Strategy articulates both customer-focused objectives and a set of implementation imperatives that guide the actions necessary to achieve these objectives.

Customer Consequence Objectives:

  • Enable our intelligence customers to make informed decisions in operationally relevant timelines by supplying increasingly diverse imagery, intelligence products and services.
  • Minimize uncertainty, reduce loss of life and improve mission success for our tactical customers by providing timely and relevant commercial data, information and knowledge—provided where they need it, in a form and in domains where they can readily consume and share it.
  • Improve awareness, insight, and understanding for our many Foundation GEOINT customers by supplying increasingly persistent and diverse commercial data streams, Foundation products, and services that enable Map of the World’s feature-rich GEOINT on demand, as well as other vectors of Foundation GEOINT.

The following implementation imperatives establish an adaptive framework that moves smoothly with, and profits from, what Mr. Cardillo has characterized as the “Seismic Shift” that will continue in the GEOINT industry. Focusing our implementation of this Strategy on the ever-evolving needs of our customers is essential to NGA’s success.

Implementation Imperatives:

  • Learn and understand the evolution of the commercial GEOINT industry as it occurs through a collaborative relationship network that: engages and informs our industry partners; become a force multiplier for our government partners; and ensures we satisfy the evolving needs of our customers in a timely manner.
  • Explore, experiment, and evaluate commercial GEOINT data and products, analytic services, and knowledge building methodologies as they evolve, to discover the art of the possible, the reality of their potential, and the feasibility of integrating them into the NSG and ASG.
  • Acquire and deliver mission relevant commercial GEOINT capabilities that are sufficiently mature and can be efficiently integrated—always with the goal of improving mission success for NGA’s customers and adapting to their evolving needs.
  • Adopt and institutionalize commercial GEOINT capabilities as a core component of our mission-driven operations.

These implementation imperatives support all of NGA’s intelligence, defense, and civil support missions. Inherent in these objectives and initiatives is the assurance that NGA’s information technology infrastructure will be prepared and able to integrate these evolving GEOINT sources and data streams. Exploration, experiments, and evaluation of commercial GEOINT sources will provide not just assessments of the utility of the sources, but will also provide technical requirements for integration: volumetrics, throughputs, metadata definitions, and other related specifications necessary to prepare for efficient and easy customer access.

Importantly, this Commercial GEOINT Strategy also ensures that NGA continues to support ongoing Foundation GEOINT and intelligence commercial GEOINT needs during a period of both rapid industry change and the transformation of NGA. Commercial GEOINT will pave the way for our architecture, processes, and tradecraft to rely predominately on unclassified data and services.