Spaceport America Seeks More Tenants in Promotional Video

Video Caption: Reach for the stars through one of the Earth’s largest areas of protected airspace at Spaceport America.

Editor’s Note:  They’re clearly going after vehicle developers like the ones that are tenants in Mojave. Note the statements about being able to work on your program all year long in a remote location protected by a security staff. Don’t quite have those advantages here.

On the other hand, you are literally an hour from anywhere at Spaceport America. The closest town is Truth or Consequences. There’s not a lot there. Once they get the southern road built, there will be better access from Hatch (where there isn’t much) and Las Cruces (a larger city people would actually want to live in). In Mojave, you can go out for lunch if you want, there is some decent housing in town, Lancaster and Tehachapi are a half hour away, and Los Angeles is an hour beyond Lancasster. There’s also industry in the area for anyone who needs parts made.

The other issue is that once Virgin Galactic starts flying from Spaceport America, they have a lot of say over who uses the runway. I would recommend anyone thinking of moving there to get a hold of the agreements the spaceport signed with Virgin.