• Andrew Tubbiolo

    The Bush Brothers are an endless source of comedy. To give credit where it’s due, their pop did a masterful job of using American power in a constrained fashion. He kept the military in check in Desert Storm and would not march on Baghdad for all the right reasons. He played a delicate game of letting the Soviets fall without sticking it in their face. And he executed three major arms reductions treaties that instituted massive cuts in both conventional and nuclear arms. And got rid of chemical weapons. One has to ask what was talked about at the dinner table, because his two boys are the worst of lightweights.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    who kept saying Apollo? lol

    It’s funny that HE brought it up, and didn’t even know any facts.


  • justchaz

    Heh, digging when you find yourself in a ditch. Someone help him. To be fair, we routinely and genuinely recount profound images and feelings independent of their fading dates.

  • TimR

    Well, that’s the decider for me. I’ll beat the bush in search of a better candidate. Does the Donald believe we landed on the Moon? That would be good enough for me or something like that.

  • Chad Overton

    I’m writing in Dana Rohrabacher for President…. Kidding, but it would be freaking awesome to have a legit candidate that had the same attitude about space.

  • Douglas Messier

    To be fair, most of us aren’t running for President. If you’re making a campaign appearance in a center named after McAuliffe, you need to be better prepared than that to talk about what the sacrifices of our astronauts mean.

  • mike_shupp

    Actually there were three boys. Neil Bush went into banking in Colorado and managed to lose, not his own, but the shirts of many taxpayers. Try Googling SILVERADO.

  • mike_shupp

    Also, there’s Hillary.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Oh, the old Savings and Loan collapse! Classic. I seem to remember that vaguely now. Gotta love the Bush family, such a blessing on the United States.

    Here’s a Bush ism for you. As gov of Texas Bush flew the old King Air 100 of his old pal Barry Seal. What a character he was. I knew W had something wrong with him when as a newly type rated pilot in the F-102, W was told by his commander that he had a bottomless JP-4 allowance so he could go build hours in type. THATS when he flaked out and refused to take his flight medicals. You’re a type rated F-102 pilot and you pass up unlimited flight time? It had to be cocaine he was on, because for a pilot that kind of assignment better than winning the lottery.

  • therealdmt

    Well, he just got hung up on a detail there, an important detail, but one he could have avoided in his sentence. He came off as a bit bumbling, but sincere. He looked tired.

    He looked like the kind of guy “the Donald” would eat for lunch (which he in fact has been doing).

  • Paul451

    He kept the military in check in Desert Storm and would not march on Baghdad for all the right reasons.

    Bah. Bush called for the Shiites in the south and Kurds in the north to rise up against Saddam. And then when they did, he immediately negotiated a cease-fire with Saddam that allowed Saddam to use helicopter gunships against Shiite protesters, and aerial transports to bring Republican Guards in to identify, torture and kill the moderate leadership of the Iraqi Shiites. The timing of the cease-fire means his administration was already negotiating it when Bush went on air and made the call for uprising, which means he only made that call as a negotiating tactic to pressure Saddam to accept US terms.

    (It was months before a non-fly zone was re-established over the Kurds, and most of the pressure for that seems to have come from Europe, forcing the US to act. Thus it was clearly never even considered by the Bush administration when he actually made the call for them to rise up.)

    Even the Saudis, who didn’t want Iraq to break up or the Shiits to dominate, were apparently gob-smacked by the scale of Bush’s hypocrisy.

    That betrayal is well known to the Iraqis, particularly the Shiites, it’s one of the big reasons the US had so much trouble during Gulf MkII.

    Note, this isn’t about “Marching on Baghdad”, it’s just about using air-cover to prevent the monstrous tactic that kept Saddam in power for another decade, it’s about not telling people “We’ve got your backs” and then stabbing them in the back.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Let me know when you figure out how to run international politics without using hypocrisy. As an astute student of history you have to realize that all power groups running amok on this planet make use of hypocrisy as the operating mode of choice. Nature rewards it, and there seems to be a super concentration of people who enjoy it in positions of power. I’m open to any realistic insights you might have on how to further a nations interests using honesty and staying consistent with the law. I’d especially be interested in anyone’s insightful ideas on how to be honest and consistent with the law and win against people who refuse to do the same.

    I think there is a lot of strategic gain to be had by not engaging in hypocrisy and staying within the law. However tactically it can be fraught with disaster.

  • Paul451

    It’s hard to imagine you missing the point more than you have.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Get over yourself.

  • TimAndrews868

    All they have to do is tell her that funding commercial space development will allow private e-mail servers to be hosted in orbit, outside of national jurisdictions, and she’ll be on-board.

  • Kapitalist

    Or you simply need to care, and not lie about it in order to hope fooling the most stoopidest of all voters. Since he obviously doesn’t care about it, why does he talk about it? And he’s the F* governor of F* Florida!!! It’s not as if I woke you up at night and asked you what is the name of the capital in Dahomey. Jeb is a fraudster. He doesn’t care a S* about dead astronauts.

  • Douglas Messier

    Dana says all the right things. But, can you name anything that he’s actually done legislatively for commercial space?

  • Vladislaw

    “Washington, Oct 8, 2003 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics today approved two of Rep. Rohrabacher’s (CA-46) bills by voice vote, listed below.

    H.R. 3245, “Commercial Space Act of 2003,” sponsored by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
    This bill clarifies the legislative framework for commercial human space flight. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Space Transportation (AST) regulates U.S. commercial space launches for television, telecommunications and imagery satellites. H.R. 3245 ensures that commercial launchers – such as those being built by entrepreneurs to take people to the edge of space – would also be regulated by AST.

    Last July, the Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee held a joint hearing with the Senate Commerce Committee on the regulatory issues facing such commercial human space. All of the witnesses at that hearing called for legislation to clearly define the FAA’s regulatory responsibilities on this issue.

    “I believe that most Members of Congress share my view that the aerospace industry plays a critical role in advancing America’s space frontier,” said Subcommittee Chairman Rohrabacher. “This bill tells the Department of Transportation that this new commercial human space flight industry should be nurtured by streamlined and careful regulation”

    The bill authorizes $11,523,000 and $11,000,000 for fiscal years 2004 and 2005, respectively, for the AST. The bill also authorizes $1,800,000 and $2,000,000 for fiscal years 2004 and 2005, respectively, for the Department of Commerce’s Office of Space Commerce, and delegates licensing authority for private-sector remote sensing systems to this Office.”

    I do not recall if it was passed as is but some of the provisions did get into later legislalation.

    But you are correct he has not been effective against the PORKONAUTS.

  • ThomasLMatula

    The only thing I want from politicians in terms of space policy is to pass the ASTEROID Act and then extend it to ALL celestial bodies so private entities know, at least American ones, they have the same rights as governments in terms of Chattel rights in space.

    NASA is too focused on searching for ET to be of much value in opening the Solar System. They are only doing CCP because they made the mistake of retiring the Space Shuttle with no replacement available for supporting the ISS.


    Putin first war seems to be a disaster.

    Seems Putin will destroy himself with little help.

    The Russian people are getting hungry , Not good for Putin’s popularity

  • MrFriendly B

    Bullcrap, Putin is more popular than any US president will be in a foreseeable future.