First Launch from Vostochny Delayed Until Spring

Soyuz launch complex at Vostochny. (Credit: Roscosmos)
Soyuz launch complex at Vostochny. (Credit: Roscosmos)

Vladimir for Life Putin visited Russia’s delay- and scandal-plagued  Vostochny spaceport on Wednesday and officially threw in the towel on the effort to launch a rocket from the Far East cosmodrome by the end of the year.

“We do not need any drumbeating reports, we need high-quality results,” Putin said. “So let us agree: you finish the work related to water supply and wastewater disposal. It is necessary to prepare spaceships for launches. And be ready to carry out the first launches in 2016, somewhere in the spring.”

“If you do that before Cosmonautics Day, that will be fine,” the president added.

The project, designed to lessen Russian dependence on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, has been troubled by lengthy delays and embezzlement scandals. Workers have complained about not being paid for months while executives from some companies have been arrested for alleged graft.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin ha threatened to tear the heads off anyone delaying the program. No reports yet on whether he has carried out any of these threats.

  • Aegis Maelstrom

    “Says the guy so in love with his theory he ignores what SpaceX has already done”

    Yeah, right. Wait with these praises till the SpaceX achieves the monopoly status.

    “the SpaceX by definition deserves its natural monopoly. It will not keep it’s monopoly if it overcharges for its services.”

    Oh yeah, just like ULA or other U.S. military, air and space contractors.
    Because Elon Musk never buys lobbyists as he is a kind of a superhero from a fairy story.

    “The laws of physics and economics are the same for everyone, there will
    be no monopoly on space launch services unless the government mandates

    Yearight. Please do learn about so-called “natural economies”, grantularity or effects of scale in economics. Really, some good economics lessons should be mandatory.

    “and the backlog will likely be gone by this time next year.”

    Yearight. In your vocabulary likely = “because I want to believe so”?

    Summing up, yeah, I find your religious/fanboyish attitude funny.

  • tdperk

    “unless we get back to the old time religion, we’re doomed to


    Classical liberalism is a philosophy of government and not a religion. You have not mentioned anything better yet.

    “Modern right wing … via public policy”

    Actually, the what the Democrats and President Goldman Sachs undertake.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Give it a few more years and poor St Pete will lose its name again and become Putingrad. Who knows maybe they’ll want more buffer for Putingrad’s new suburbs and go bother the Finns again. In the aftermath Billy Joel will write a heart touching song about some damn clown from the town and stick the name in the heads of some future fan group of 20th cen pop music artists.