China Developing New Smallsat Launch Vehicle

china_flagThe China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) is developing a smallsat launch vehicle set to fly in about two years, according to a presentation made on Wednesday during the International Astronautical Conference in Jerusalem.

Mark Schaffer ‏(@mgschaffer), a senior Senior Aerospace Engineer at SpaceWorks Enterprises, provided the following details via Twitter on a presentation by Haoliang Yang of the Beijing Institute of Astronautical Systems Engineering.

Name: Naga-L or Naga-1 (name differed between paper, presentation)
First Flight: ~2 years (end of 2017)
Payloads: 1,550kg to 400km LEO @ 41deg, 820kg to 500km SSO, 620kg to 700km SSO
Launch Options: China (@ 41deg), Indonesia & Tanzania for equatorial, Sweden for SSO
Technical Details: 2 stage LOX/RP + LOX/LH2, 100t GLOW, 30m length
Cost: Approximately $10 million per flight.