Video of 90-Second NewtonThree Engine Test

Video Caption: Video showing a recent test of Virgin Galactic’s NewtonThree rocket engine. A single NewtonThree rocket engine will power the first stage of LauncherOne, Virgin Galactic’s orbital small satellite launch vehicle. In this test, conducted in Mojave, California, the NewtonThree engine fires for ninety seconds.

  • Sam86

    The video is private. :/

  • Chief Galen Tyrol

    Works for me.

  • Sam86

    Now works! 😀

  • Aerospike

    All I can think of while watching this video: this is what SpaceShipTwo should have been built around… :/

  • Douglas Messier

    NewtonThree was sized for a future version of SpaceShipTwo. By the end of 2013, they had fired the smaller NewtonOne and NewtonTwo motors. Markusic left at that point and was followed by other engineers. They left Virgin with a good foundation of motor technology to build a launcher around.

  • Matt

    Speculating the VG haters on this site thought of something snarky to post…but after 90 seconds, thought better of it.

  • Paul451

    So you’re complaining about snarky partisan posts… by posting a snarky partisan comment?

  • Aerospike

    I know that NewtonThree wasn’t available when SpaceShipTwo was conceived, but still… it feels like if back then they had made the decision to go the liquid propulsion route, they would probably be flying by now.

  • Aidan Shaffer

    Doug do you know how big the fuel tanks are for this engine?

  • Douglas Messier

    I do not. They haven’t released any tech specs on it. There is a new promotional video which I’ll be running in the near future. No tech specs in that, but lots of cool animation.

  • patb2009

    The Program managers were heavily committed to the Hybrid engine and the Feathering assembly. The feather creates some serious structural design challenges and has the twin booms facing the radiation shine. Some things don’t scale well…

  • Aerospike

    I can’t follow you. What is the connection between the feather and the engine?