Officials Discuss New Production System for Russian Space Industry

Roscosmos_logoMOSCOW (RSC Energia PR) — At the educational workshop, “Enhancing the operational efficiency of the rocket and space industry”, organized by URSC and IPK “Mashpribor”, specialists of rocket and space industry enterprises studied the techniques of transforming production systems of big companies and discussed draft sectoral reforms in the following areas “Capacities optimization”, “Quality Management System” and “Project Management”.

“Development of the production system of State Corporation Roscosmos is one of our priorities. It is important to straight and honestly analyze the problems and jointly find their solutions. 80% of problems cannot be resolved by instructions and new technology, an efficient workflow in place is required”, Igor Komarov, General Director of SC Roskosmos said.

According to Alla Vuchkovich, URSC Deputy General Director for Personnel and Social Policy, a corporate academy will be established based on IPK Mashpribor, which will be an important instrument to support changes in the industry.

“Soon we will start up a training program for internal trainers, who will subsequently teach the enhancement of operational efficiency instruments and procedures to other employees of our industrial companies”, A. Vuchkovich explained.

The Director of Planning and Performance Management Department of URSC, Anton Zhiganov reported about the methodology of constructing production and business systems, the instruments to enhance the operational efficiency.

“We are starting a large-scale project of building a new production system of Roscosmos. Its success will largely depend on the support of the management teams of companies, for this reason, this workshop is attended by Deputy General Directors and key functional specialists – those who will become the main driver of changes. It is important to learn to speak the same language”, A. Zhiganov said.