NASA, Israel Space Agency Sign Cooperation Agreement

NASA LOGOJERUSALEM (ISA PR) — NASA and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) of the Ministry of Science signed a new civil space cooperation agreement on October 13, 2015. The agreement was signed by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Menachem Kidron – Director General of the Israel Space Agency during the International Astronautical Congress hosted in Jerusalem by the ISA.

The last agreement between NASA and the ISA was signed in 1996 and remained in effect until 2005. The two sides agreed that now is the right time to renew their commitment to their mutual cooperation. The new agreement, which is more far-reaching and in-depth than its predecessor, will enable NASA and ISA to cooperate in the exploration and research of space for the betterment of mankind and for peaceful use.

Among the potential areas of cooperation enabled by this agreement are: joint missions, personnel and scientific data exchanges, ground-based research facilities, space exploration and operations missions, joint workshops and meetings, scientific instruments onboard aircraft and spacecraft, sounding rocket and scientific balloon flights, space communications, educational outreach, and other spacecraft and space research platforms. The goal of the agreement is to provide the framework for discussions of areas of cooperation between the agencies which could then lead to more specific agreements between the two sides.

“The implications of this agreement for Israel’s space and scientific communities are tremendous,” said the Minister of Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis. “The agreement provides us a platform for mutual cooperation between the Israeli and American space agencies and thus allows the science communities in both our counties important access to projects that offer the promise of significant development and growth in the years ahead.”

Menachem Kidron, the Director General of the ISA, welcomed the agreement saying “Through the close collaboration of our two agencies we are blessed to have reached this agreement and we both intend to implement it by working together on research and technology projects of mutual interest and concern.”

“Our two countries have had a long history of cooperation in space exploration, scientific discovery and research, and we look forward to the opportunities this new agreement provides us to build upon this partnership,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

In recent months NASA has made a series of groundbreaking announcements, including the existence of liquid water on Mars, the discovery of exoplanet 452B, which is very similar to Earth and the successful arrival at Pluto of the New Horizons spacecraft.

  • justchaz

    Netanyahu is flying to Russia to hedge bets, Israel is trying to sink more tentacles in the the US where it knows public opinion of it, is in deep dive, so in comes need for cooperation,
    “for the betterment of mankind and for peaceful use”

    Just not the betterment of a people whose necks it wields a choking stranglehold.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    There’s a similar sequence of maps for the USA. It’s something Americans understand. It’s what happens when the new comers vastly outperform the locals.

    Amazing how the Hajamite’s of Jordan, the Syrians, and Egyptians discovered Palestinian independence (but not from them) in the 1940’s …. Of course much of this is Israel’s fault for not being satisfied with 1967. At some point Israel will have to offer the Palestinian people honorable defeat, and the Palestinian leadership is going to have to recognize Israel’s victory. But right now no side’s leadership will accept the existence of the other.

    Israel has a lot to offer anybody’s space program. I would not turn them down. For all those commercial space ports out there …. Hint hint, the Israeli’s really need a space port where they can launch EAST from…. Just say’n. I’ve been waiting for this for years.

  • justchaz

    “new comers vastly outperform the locals” told me, in focus and tone, everything else I would read from you.
    Extrapolate that to your family home and it no longer is as antiseptic as you so dearly want to make it seem. The colors in the map represent families, lots and lots of them, for two generations now.

    That fight is also not one where you try to pose some parallel in circumstance and outcomes. “Honorable defeat” and “Recognized victory” are just some more isms, suggesting inevitability while forgetting history is long and we may not be so presumptuous as to think the most important events occur in our own lifetimes. Israel has sown seed that while seeming like a win today may spell its eradication or a return to nomadic status for Jews. The US in playing that one sided ball with them has tied a lot of its fate to the result. NASA will be just another pawn. The damage is being done and will inevitably gather speed as US grapple on global power reins diminishes..

  • Aegis Maelstrom

    Tubbiolo, now you have surprised me.

    “There’s a similar sequence of maps for the USA. It’s something Americans
    understand. It’s what happens when the new comers vastly outperform the

    Well, the same sequence of the maps you can see for any expantionist militaristic country, be it Roman Empire, British Empire in its heyday, Soviet Union or a Nazi Germany.. and many, many more, including nowadays Talibs and ISIS – and this is not necessarily about “outperforming locals” (which even when good-hearted may you get accused of racism and colonial mentality). The case is that many times the collapse and a pay day comes, sooner or later. And the Hybris walks before the Fall. This is something that Europeans understand.

    As it is a predominantely U.S.of A. fan site, I just wanted to add something from a different perspective.

    Cheers All.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Almost all nations are are expansionist and militaristic. And don’t worry, I don’t think it’s a good thing. However asking the question of what things would be without the injustice of the past is a legit question. Seriously had the US not come into existence N America would be like Africa today. Accepting that some good, or even a lot of good came from bloodshed and genocide does not justify it. As for my comment to justchaz consider his lack of critical analysis of all the societies surrounding Israel. He is unwilling to deal with the colonialism of some upstart Jews, but seems to think that people who can’t keep the most basic of civilization going, depend on dispodic government, engage in slavery, are kicking millions of their own about the globe, and when given the chance to engage in elected government, elect leaders who engage in ethnic cleansing, and discrimination on a national scale, are the just and proper people to deal ‘justice’ against the Jews. Say what you want about what Israel did to win it’s wars (Heck most of these people are mad that Israel won anything.). And I’ll even agree with you about their inability to overcome their bigotry against the Palestinians, but they have won the most important test vs the Arabs. They can keep and win the peace. As a nation they know how to live in relative peace, and make a go of civilization. You have to admit that the Jews operate at a higher level, at every level vs the Arabs. Agriculture, technology development, nation building, you name it. Not one piece of land on this planet was not conquered by someone else. I’d much rather see a society that conquers and can look back on itself at it’s actions rather than one that will conquer and take joy and revel in it.

  • justchaz

    “As for my comment to justchaz consider his lack of critical analysis of all the societies surrounding Israel.”

    Look at this rat race obsessed processing. When you stare, long, into an abyss and all. In his opinion, Africa should not make its decisions, progress at its speed, for its reasons, but that the ideal outcome should be that it be overrun by invaders from his “worthy” parts of the world because Africa does not conform to his worship of the arbitrary technological nation building yardstick he proposes. By the way, indigenous tribes in the Amazon should also be overrun just so another parking lot can be built. The folly!

    He then, revealingly, suggests that even the initial human migrants out of Africa, conquered the land they migrated to, from some heretofore unknown.

    Now, isn’t it convenient to ignore the blood, dollars, weapons and political capital the richest nation in the world has had to expend to bolster this artificial outcome he crows about Israel achieving? There has been over 60 years of that largesse and defense and yet we know that if today, those were stopped, the demise of his success story would be swift.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Mr justchaz, just because I don’t get worked up over humanity’s injustice to other humans as you do any more does not mean I want things to be that way. Only that you, nor I know how to stop it, nor do we know how to run a world without it. You clearly have not looked at the nature of human greed, economics, and the vast overlapping claims that people make over the world’s resources. All you’ve done is look at human malfunction, decided you don’t like what you see and scream “Stop!”. That’s not near enough.

    As for your emotional statement that the US built Israel and not the Israelis, what a joke. Don’t take my word for it, you can look up the history and magnitudes yourself.


  • justchaz

    Yes, thanks to people screaming “Stop!” India freed itself from British tyranny, Blacks freed themselves from slavery and Jim Crow, Chinese repelled Japan, South Africans dethroned Apartheid, and on ad nauseum. Every protest, every war, every disobedience is an effort to say just that. Some believe in justness and work towards it, some think it should just be left to roam free, even though it is a surmountable trait. Why? — well because, well, see, it may be difficult, and the people who win, so far, are the ones I want to win, so, okay well, let us just say that is the way it has to be —- BUNK.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Yes all those things were done and then India went on to partition Pakistan into two , have sterilization camps for muslims, and developed a nuclear weapons program with no real strategic need. And in S Africa they turned a nation predicated on white privilege into a vehicle to further the personal wealth and position of the members of the ANC. It got so bad that even Mr Mandela separated himself from it. On the subject of overcoming oppression, you can see that it’s individuals who can inspire peaceful means of addressing it. However when left to time, the masses, and human politics, it always turns into counter/reverse discrimination in one form or another. The desire for humans to exploit one another and subjugate each other keeps popping it’s ugly head from every direction. Then of course S Africa would then go on to exploit the cheap labor pouring in from the North after civilization broke down in the former UK colonies to the North. All those great things, and they are, are moments instances in time of humans poking their heads above their nature. But it never lasts. While India got her independence from the UK peacefully, she was not able to live in peace with her neighbors, nor is India’s strategic vision of her region peaceful. It involves a large Navy, a mobile army, a large modern air force, and if you look at the engineering of her launch vehicles, the raw capability of a full blown counterforce nuclear delivery system. Ever ask yourself why India’s launch vehicle is a solid fuel core vehicle with LIQUID strap on boosters? The folks who have taken it the furthest are the Scandinavians and Germans. However they were only able to do what they did in the shadow of NATO. The Germans were kicked out of international politics after ’45. And while Sweden might be peaceful and neutral, I think you’d take issue with their arms sales and industry. It’s really quite impressive for a single small nation, but in the end there’s a iron fist buried deep under those velvet gloves. … I’ll bet any irony was lost on you with those Danish F-16’s bombing Libya.

  • justchaz

    This is incredible. So what is this arbitrary point where people stop requiring self determination, and who chooses it? You would not be singing so heartily if the determinant roles were reversed between hemispheres. With that, I am through, as your purely academic notions, which is the best that can be said for them, needs no more exposure.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    You’re trying to change what I’m saying because you want to paint me as a neo-con type person. You want to paint me as evil because I don’t agree with your emotional stances. Like Mr Bush, I’m either with you, or against you. So discussing with you is useless. Goodbye.