Rush Limbaugh: Mars Water Announcement Part of Leftist Plot

Limbaugh has flowing water on his brain. His synapses are clearly firing, but they’re being short circuited by some briny mixture inside his head. Thus, “flowing water on Mars, well that’s kind of cool, wonder what that means” becomes “NASA is making this up to somehow support a vast left-wing global warming conspiracy.”

It’s kooky. Even for him.

But, it does point to one of the problems with this whole conspiracy theory. NASA is a science agency. It reports the results of its scientific research. It’s the gold standard in planetary science. Nobody in the world does it better than they do.

Yet, some of the same folks who believe what NASA reports about other planets — Lamar Smith, for example, was thrilled by the Mars news — believe it has been hopelessly corrupted in what it reports about our own.

It’s the same agency. It’s the same Science Directorate. Similar methods are used to gather and analyze the data. It doesn’t make any sense. NASA’s science program either has integrity or it doesn’t. Otherwise, you’re simply picking and choosing what science results to believe based on per-conceived ideology.