Deep Space Industries Appoints Chief Engineer

Grant Bonin
Grant Bonin

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. (DSI PR) — Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that renowned spacecraft designer and engineer Grant Bonin will be joining the company in the role of Chief Engineer. Mr. Bonin has 11 successful spacecraft in Earth orbit and will now drive the company’s ramp up to its first asteroid missions.

“It’s go time!” exclaimed Rick Tumlinson, Chair of Deep Space Industries. “We have the vision, the goal and core plan. With Grant, we now have the full leadership team to execute and succeed. This is the first in a series of exciting announcements you’ll see from DSI in the coming year. On our current growth path and timetable DSI’s spacecraft will be flying out to an asteroid before 2020.”

Mr. Bonin is an aerospace management and engineering professional specializing in spacecraft systems engineering, project management, and business development. He was previously a manager of satellite missions at the well-known UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory (SFL), where he led the development of high-performance small spacecraft and supporting research and development efforts.

“Grant is the perfect person to lead our team on this monumental effort,” said Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries. “He brings a level of experience and a reputation for cutting edge spacecraft innovation and he will not only help us complete a resource assessment of an asteroid before 2020, but also assist the company to develop a new suite of space systems and technologies for DSI’s satellite customers along the way.”

Bonin notably served as program manager and lead engineer of SFL’s highly successful CanX-4&5 mission, which demonstrated sub-meter autonomous formation flight on orbit. Grant also assisted with SFL’s business development activities and the design of new mission concepts, and leading all propulsion R&D activities.

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining DSI and leading its engineering team”, said Bonin. “I’ve always been passionate about the development of space, and ways it can be done cost-effectively. DSI has the right team and the right approach to lead the first privately-funded missions to asteroids, and in a smart way that will enable a host of other applications in low-Earth orbit as well. This is a time when I think the high frontier is truly about to open for humanity.”

Grant Bonin will lead the asteroid mining mission design and implementation, and further develop DSI’s commercially available Agile Nanosat PlatformTM using DSI’s patented, CubeSat-compatible subsystems to create state-of-the-art solutions for customers. DSI is developing several technologies for deep space missions—notably including high-performance propulsion systems, robust power and communications systems, and advanced navigation and operational autonomy. These enable both affordable interplanetary spacecraft and a new breed of advanced nanosatellites for low-Earth orbit.

Tumlinson added “We’ve worked very hard over the last few years to develop the science and technology needed to make asteroid mining feasible. We are ready to start integrating our patented technology into cutting edge spacecraft. The combination of young leaders like Daniel and Grant with globally respected scientists like Dr. John Lewis and John Mankins and mining experts like Mark Sonter and Julian Malnic is the right formula to produce amazing results.”

Grant Bonin is the first of several accomplished professionals that will be joining the DSI team in the coming months. Are you the best in the world at what you do? Visit to learn about the most exciting career opportunities in the solar system.