Jeff Bezos to Make Commercial Launch Announcement Next Month

New Shepard flight test (Credit: Blue Origin)
New Shepard flight test (Credit: Blue Origin)

Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos is set to make a “significant announcement concerning the commercial launch industry” at Cape Canaveral on Sept. 15.

The announcement is expected to confirm Blue Origin’s intent to build rockets on the Space Coast and launch them from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The company has been negotiating a package with Space Florida and other agencies that would result in construction of a manufacturing facility in Exploration Park just south of Kennedy Space Center’s secure area on Merritt Island, and eventual launches of orbital human spaceflight missions from Launch Complex 36.

Space Florida’s board last week gave its approval for the state economic development agency to finalize the terms of an agreement, referring only to the deal’s code name of “Project Panther.”

Space Florida CEO Frank DiBello then said he thought the deal would be made public within a month or so.


  • I’m sorry, you are still not getting it. He takes off from Texas, passes the legal space barrier and lands again in Texas, compensating for slight planetary rotation, vertically.

    He almost did that on his very first flight, according to his plan. Unfortunately his plan didn’t work out, as plans often don’t. He seems pretty dedicated and systematic about it, however.

    These are just feather in your cap ideas.

  • Terry Rawnsley

    You’re confusing a space race with cutthroat business practices. In a space race, both sides try to fly their vehicles before the other. It is obvious that neither Boeing nor SpaceX cares enough about getting their first to put more of their own funds into the project.

    Cutthroat business practices, on the other hand, are geared only toward impeding the competition. If only money is holding ULA and SpaceX back from launching sooner, neither seem to be in too much of a hurry. Not that I blame either party. While all the headlines go to the companies creating access to LEO and beyond, the private sector hasn’t come up with a viable business plan to turn a profit there. When someone devises a way to profitably create a product or produce a service, Bigelow, SpaceX, Boeing and probably BO will be ready to take them there and house them.

  • Valerij Gilinskij

    There’s even more difficult, and I’m not sure I can express my thoughts in English.

    Elon Musk said he would be happy to be born on the Earth and die on Mars. And that will be ready to fly – if by that time will be the man to whom he could entrust SpaceX.

    And that people should come to Mars to stay there, and establish a colony. Thus the very first people on Mars, according to the Elon Musk, begin to colonize the planet. But to create a colony on Mars Elon Musk is not promised.

  • Valerij Gilinskij

    You think, and Elon Musk does. What do you think, who will win?

  • Snofru Chufu

    Yes, I am thinking, Musk is doing something – no question, even if not will not result in “Mars colonization” and (that makes the difference):

    You are dreaming. Oh man, please become adult and mature.

  • Snofru Chufu

    Please read you comment in a critical manner.