Planet Labs Awards Multiple Ground Station Antenna Systems Contract to L-3 Datron

planet_labs_logoSIMI VALLEY, Calif., 10 August 2015 (L-3 Datron PR) — Planet Labs selected L-3 Datron Advanced Technologies for their Ground Network Antenna Systems to collect fresh data from any place on Earth. Planet Labs has built the world’s largest constellation of global imaging satellites, and aims to image the entire Earth every day.

Kevin Meissner, Program Manager, Planet Labs, said: “L-3 Datron was one of the few companies who could meet our cost and performance targets, and their team displayed a remarkable level of expertise and enthusiasm. L-3 Datron’s demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality products on aggressive schedules made them the best choice for Planet Labs.”

In the contract award notification Planet Labs stated: “We’d be delighted to have you build some [antennas] for us…you’ve got a great team and great hardware and we’re excited to begin working with you.”

John Di Gioia, President, L-3 Datron, said: “What Planet Labs stated is a compliment to our team and an important win for our Cube Sat/Small Sat strategy. It is clear to us the Planet Labs team is going to have a significant impact in solving global commercial, environmental and humanitarian challenges and we are excited about working with them to meet those challenges.”

About Planet Labs

Planet Labs, from their home office in San Francisco, California, designs, builds and operates a network of Satellites that they call “Doves.” In January of 2014 Planet Labs launched their first Flock of Doves.

About L-3 Datron Advanced Technologies

Since 1969, L-3 Datron Advanced Technologies, a division of L-3 Communications, has designed, manufactured and integrated satellite remote sensing systems, communications terminals, Telemetry, Tracking & Control systems for ground stations, airborne, shipboard, strategic and tactical environments. L-3 Datron’s antenna systems have a long lifespan, with numerous systems still in daily operation after more than 30 years. To learn more about L-3 Datron, please visit the company’s website at