Space Frontier Foundation Poll Finds Optimism About Future in Space

sff_logoSAN JOSE, Calif., July 23, 2015 (SFF PR) — Private space stations will be constructed within the next 10 years, and escalating tensions between China, Russia and the United States will not result in a new space race, according to a new survey of the space industry conducted by the Space Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to opening the space frontier to permanent human settlement through free enterprise.

Over two-thirds of survey respondents said they expect construction on private space stations to either be well under way or completed within the next decade. However, 44% of respondents indicated it would take more than 15 years for humans to reach Mars.

“The private space industry is really heating up right now with increased levels of competition spurring a new push for innovation,” said Jeff Feige, chairman of the board of the Space Frontier Foundation. “It doesn’t surprise me that everyone from investors to CEOs of companies involved in space are bullish on the construction of private space stations.”

Survey respondents were generally positive about the trends in the space industry, with 68% indicating that space startups are typically motivated by innovation rather than profit.

“While the survey reinforces what we are seeing in the industry today, it also points to one of the keys to the continued viability of the commercial space industry,” said Feige. “Without clear business cases, private investment from investors looking for short and long term returns will be difficult to source.”

The Space Frontier Foundation’s survey was conducted July 16-18 at the 2015 NewSpace conference in San Jose, CA. The 79 respondents represent a variety of space startups, investment professionals, advisors, thought leaders, government agencies and established companies in the space industry.

About the Space Frontier Foundation

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