Jeff Bezos Wins Again

Suborbital_PollAnd it’s another win for the man who already has everything, billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Thirty-nine percent of voters (252 votes) selected the Bezos’ New Shepard as the spacecraft they would most like to fly into suborbital space. The Blue Origin vehicle had its first un-crewed flight test earlier this year.

XCOR’s Lynx, which is expected to take to the sky within the next year, came in a distant second with 25 percent. The two-person space plane received¬† 161 votes.

Twenty one percent of voters (137 votes) selected “Are you crazy? I’m not getting on any of them!” This was a surprisingly high result given this website’s pro-commercial space audience.

Virgin Galactic came in last, with only 16 percent of voters choosing its SpaceShipTwo vehicle for their ride to space.

I would like to thank everyone who voted. There is a new poll about the Ansari X Prize now online. Remember to vote early! Vote often! Just vote, dammit! Vote.


  • Doug Weathers

    Vote for the Kennedy of your choice, but Vote!

  • therealdmt

    Oops, missed this one. I would have voted for the Lynx. I love the idea of sitting up front in the co-pilot’s seat — that would be awesome.

  • Solartear

    New Shepard seems to be the most like traditional rocket launches (VTVL). The others are more like X-15. 50/50 for preference for each style. I’d go with New Shepard, for an experience like the first and deep space explorers had.