XCOR to Hike Ticket Prices 50 Percent

Lynx Mark I with strakes bonded. (Credit: XCOR)
Lynx Mark I with strakes bonded. (Credit: XCOR)

AMSTERDAM, July 16 (XCOR Space Expeditions PR) — XCOR Space Expeditions announced that it will be raising the price of a flight aboard Lynx from $100,000 to $150,000 effective on January 1st, 2016. With the spacecraft getting closer to completion, a major milestone for the company, the price will be raised to align more closely with the current market value of a commercial spaceflight.

XCOR entered the market offering tickets at $100,000 to make space more accessible to the general public than ever before. This philosophy holds true through the change as $150,000 will still be the most competitive price for a suborbital spaceflight by a large margin.

As Lynx moves towards its final stages of assembly, the demand is accelerating. Customer feedback has proven that the new price will be more reflective of XCOR’s offering. Clients who have already entered the program and submitted a partial payment will not be affected by the change.

Over 300 tickets have been sold to early adopters of the product. The cost was reflective of an immense trust in the offering, even in its early stages. Now that Lynx is getting ready to fly, the price change will better align with this milestone event XCOR is approaching.