Alleged Vostochny Embezzler Captured Driving Extremely Expensive Car

Construction at Vostochny. (Credit: Roscosmos)
Construction at Vostochny. (Credit: Roscosmos)

So much for keeping a low profile.

Balarus security forces captured a man accused of embezzling 4 million rubles ($75,000) from Russia’s Vostochny spaceport project as he was driving his diamond-encrusted Mercedes. Officials have not named the man, who is described as a 45-year old Georgian national.

Police in the Amur region put the shamed director on the international wanted list and he was located in Minsk, where he drove a luxury Mercedes car decorated with Swarovski diamonds. According to local media, it cost $300,000 (16 million roubles) to have the vehicle covered.

It was inside this car that he was detained by Belarus Special Forces on Monday, with the arrest recorded by officers and then distributed on the Internet.

In the recording it is clear that the director promises to give all the money back within a week. He will now be sent to Russia where police will continue their investigation.

Read all about it here.

  • Charles Lurio

    Actually, the diamonds were installed as experimental retroreflectors to be tested for a new generation of Russian lunar rovers… 😉

  • Snofru Chufu

    This kind of low level, stupid Russia bashing is really boring.

  • James

    HOW is that Russian bashing?

  • windbourne

    How is this Russia bashing?

  • Solartear

    Only $75,000? I wonder how he became the scapegoat.

  • Sam86

    Corruption! That corrodes all the BRICS countries.

  • windbourne

    Sadly, not just BRICS. Here in america, we allow companies and foreigners to put money into lobbying and reelection campaigns. For example, a major contributor to my rep, Coffman (R) is a Chinese import/export business. Turns out that it has extremely close ties to Chinese gov ( possibly funded by ). And yet, Coffman loves the millions flowing to him. Legally.

  • Sam86

    Believe me, corruption in BRICS is on “another level”.

  • James

    Had someone tell me that in pakistan where he lived for a time if you went to anything government run you were expected to bring a bribe. Its just whats done. China is almost as bad apparently.