Canadian Budget Supports ISS Extension to 2024

CSAThe new Canadian federal budget supports the extension of the International Space Station from 2020 to 2024. Canada joins the U.S. and Russia to agreeing to the four-year extension; Japan and Europe have yet to weigh in.

 The budget also commits $30 million CND ($24.7 million US) over four years to support technology research and development through the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program. Canada is an associate member of ESA.

“The inclusion of these measures, which follows on the heels of announcements by Industry Minister James Moore of a national Space Policy Framework and the creation of a Space Advisory Board, is another step as we continue to work with the government on a long term vision for Canada’s future in space,” said Jim Quick, President and CEO of Aerospace Industries Association of Canada.