• Smokey_the_Bear

    I’ll watch it.
    Just hope they don’t distract him…he needs to keep building the future!

  • windbourne

    nice, but, I wish that they would do a series about going to Mars.
    That would be better.

  • Snofru Chufu

    Too much personal cult at present, better in 10 years, when his results and plans did finally realized or partly failed.

  • windbourne

    Actually, I rather see something akin to Robinson’s
    Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars

    It should be modified with using private space, but, similar concept.

    I will watch the musk mini-series, since he really is an interesting man.
    BUT, in the end, he is but a man. Getting the world interested in going to Mars (and the moon) is far more interesting.