Virgin Galactic Releases New Video, Gets Visit From Electric Race Car

Video Caption: An introduction to our Spaceship Propulsion Team, narrated by Propulsion Program Manager, Jarret Morton, including behind the scenes shots of our manufacturing facilities.

Editor’s Note: Jarret describes Virgin’s hybrid propulsion system as “game changing.” I don’t know about that. Musk, XCOR,, are moving toward reusable liquid bi-props that promise to bring down launch costs. Virgin has a reusable ship whose engine must be replaced after every flight. That’s very costly.

Morton was nominated by his peers as one of the Virgin Stars of the Year for 2013. The honor included a trip to a big party at the Branson mansion in England.

Editor’s Note: Branson has strongly hinted that he plans to use his electric race cars as a foundation to challenge fellow billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors. He claims to have teams working on the technology.

This generated a lot of headlines, as most pronouncements involving Branson and Musk do. It’s a pretty tall order, especially given Tesla’s massive head start. We’ll see what — if anything — comes of it.