CSA Issues Procurement Notice for 23 Priority Technologies

CSAThe Canadian Space Agency has published a procurement notice for the development of 23 Priority Technologies under the Space Technology Development Program.

  • Embedded Visual Odometry (EVO)
  • Light-Weight High Performance Water Color Imaging Spectrometer
  • Composite Enclosure For Use At Cryogenic Temperature
  • Wireless Micro Sensor System For Crew Biometric Monitoring
  • Optical Filter Based Compact Hyperspectral Imager
  • Soil Hazard Detection For Planetary Rovers
  • Adaptation Of Single Photon Counting Camera For NIRImaging And Long Range Detection Applications
  • Modular-CATS
  • Space Qualifiable Bonded Joints Between Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) And Aluminum
  • Integrated LIBS/Raman Sensor
  • Wide Swath Scanning Detector
  • Wide Field Of View Fore-Optics Development
  • Planetary Rover & Onboard Instruments Extreme Environment Survival: Lunar Night Survival
  • LIDAR-Based Optical Communication
  • QEYSSat Detector Assembly
  • Biological Sensors For Automated Cell Culture Facility
  • Cryogenic Translation Mechanism For Future Far Infrared Astronomy Missions
  • Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Power Amplifier Development For C And X-Band Applications
  • Multi-Channel SAR Receiver
  • Compact Active Sensor Technology (CAST) Prototype
  • Advanced Single Photon Counting Auroral Ultraviolet Imager
  • Miniaturized Plasma Imager
  • ALI Concept Development

You can find details here. The procurement closed on April 22, 2015.