SpaceX CCtCap & CCiCap Milestones

Dragon Version 2. (Credit: SpaceX)
Dragon Version 2. (Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX CCiCAP Milestone Status
Milestones: 20
Milestones Completed: 18
Milestones Remaining: 2
Total Possible Award: $460 Million
Total Award to Date: $400 Million
Total Award Remaining: $60 Million

11Pad Abort Test. SpaceX will conduct a pad abort test of the Dragon spacecraft. The scenario where an abort is initiated while the CTS is still on the pad is a design driver for the launch abort system as it dictates the total impulse and also requires parachute deployment in close proximity to the ground.December 2013Pending$30 Million
14In-Flight Abort Test. SpaceX will conduct an in-flight abort test of the Dragon spacecraft. The in-flight abort test will supplement the pad abort test and complete the corners-of-the-box stress cases. The in-flight abort scenario represents a Dragon abort while under propulsive flight of the launch vehicle during the worst-case dynamic loads on the CTS.April 2014Pending$30 Million

SpaceX CCtCap Milestone Status
Milestones: 18
Milestones Completed: 1
Milestones Remaining: 17

1Certification Baseline Review (CBR)December 2014Complete
2Initial Propulsion Module Testing CompleteApril 2015
3Avionics Test Bed ActivationMay 2015Pending
4Delta Critical Design Review (dCDR)June 2015Pending
5Docking System Qualification Testing CompleteAugust 2015Pending
6Propulsive Land Landing Test CompleteSeptember 2015Pending
7Launch Site Operational Readiness ReviewNovember 2015Pending
8Flight Test without Crew Certification Review (FTCR)
December 2015Pending
9ECLSS Integrated Test CompleteFebruary 2016Pending
10Flight to ISS Without CrewMarch 2016Pending
11Parachute Qualification CompleteApril 2016Pending
12Space Suit Qualification Testing CompleteMay 2016Pending
13Launch Site Operational Readiness Review for Crew
June 2016Pending
14Design Certification Review (DCR)July 2016Pending
15Flight Test Readiness Review (FTRR)
September 2016Pending
16Flight to ISS with Crew
October 2016Pending
17Operations Readiness Review (ORR)January 2017Pending
18Certification Review (CR)April 2017Pending