Boeing CCtCap Milestones

Boeing CST-100 docking at ISS. (Credit: Boeing)
Boeing CST-100 docking at ISS. (Credit: Boeing)

Boeing CCtCap Milestone Status
Milestones: 23
Milestones Completed: 2
Milestones Remaining: 21

A couple of notes on the table below:

  • In January, Boeing said it was planning an automated test flight of the CST-100 spacecraft to the International Space Station in April 2017 followed by a flight with crew in July of that year. These flights do not seem to be listed as specific milestones in the contract document.
  • The designation of milestones 3 and 4 as Pending does not necessarily indicate they are incomplete at this time. It’s possible they have been completed but not yet announced.
  • Boeing stated in January that the pad abort test would be completed in February 2017. The schedule calls for the test to be completed by December 2016.
1Certification Baseline Review (CBR)November 2014Complete
2Ground Segment Critical Design Review (CDR)November 2014
3Phase II Safety Review – Part B (Integrated System)December 2014Pending
4Delta Integrated Critical Design Review (I-CDR)January 2015Pending
5Qualification Test Vehicle (QTV) Production Readiness ReviewMarch 2015Pending
6Structural Test Article (STA) Test Readiness Review (TRR)April 2015Pending
7CST-100 Checkout and Control System (CCCS) Activation/Validation Tests CompleteJuly 2015Pending
8Qualification Test Vehicle (QTV) Integrated Readiness Review (IRR)
August 2015Pending
9Flight Software Demonstration Nominal Launch, Docking and De-OrbitOctober 2015Pending
10Orbital Flight Test Configuration Performance & Weight Status Report (CPWSR) December 2015Pending
11Mission Control Center Integrated Simulation System Acceptance Review (SAR)January 2016Pending
12Qualification Test Vehicle Test Readiness Review (TRR)April 2016Pending
13Integrated Parachute System Drop Tests 1 & 2 Complete
June 2016Pending
14Service Module Hot Fire Launch Abort Test CompleteSeptember 2016Pending
15International Space Station Design Certification Review (DCR) Delivery
November 2016Pending
16Orbital Flight Test Flight Operations Review (FOR)
August 2016Pending
17Spacecraft Servicing Operational Readiness Review (ORR)November 2016Pending
18Pad Abort Test CompleteDecember 2016Pending
19Orbital Flight Test (OFT) Flight Test Readiness Review (FTRR)January 2017Pending
20Crewed Flight Test Design Certification ReviewMarch 2017Pending
21Crewed Flight Test (CFT) Flight Test Readiness Review (FTRR)April 2017Pending
22Operational Readiness Review (ORR)July 2017Pending
23Certification Review (CR) DeliveryAugust 2017Pending