Dauria Aerospace Withdrawing From United States, Europe

Dauria_AerospaceITAR TASS reports that Dauria Aerospace, one of Russia’s few private space companies, will close its offices in the United States and Europe to focus on the Russian market.

“Currently, we focus on the Russian part of business and the export potential of space systems manufactured in the Russian subdivision of Dauria Aerospace,” Mikhail Kokorich said.

“The European and US parts [of business] are currently gradually scaling down up their activity and will practically halt their activity in the near future,” he said linking the plans to the uneasy political and economic situation in the world, which negatively affects the Russian company and its ability to attract financing.

He explained that the financing market for the companies with Russian shareholders has been closed and that’s why Dauria Aerospace cannot compete with foreign startups, many of which have received a large-scale funding.

“In these conditions, we have been forced to wind up the company’s foreign activity, as we can’t be equal rivals with the players who have secured more funding,” Kokorich said.

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  • Charles Lurio

    So Putin now has mashed a startup along with merging all the heritage firms.

  • Valerij Gilinskij

    Unfortunately, this is the natural consequence Putin’s policies. Too bad …

  • Matt

    I assume you tried to say: natural consequence of Putin*s reaction on stupid USA politics.

  • Valerij Gilinskij

    Matt, go to hell. I said what I said. Putin poses as a new Hitler, and you imbeciles like it. When the “Grand Poo” presses the red button, and you turn into a cloud of radioactive steamlet this pleases you.

  • Valerij Gilinskij

    Unfortunately, Putin’s policy affects all Russian firms.