Roscosmos Merged With United Rocket & Space Corporation

Dmitry Medvedev meets with Igor Komarov. (Credit: Government of Russian Federation)
Dmitry Medvedev meets with Igor Komarov. (Credit: Government of Russian Federation)

The  Russian space agency Roscosmos is being merged with the United Rocket and Space Corporation, the government-owned company that is consolidating all of the nation’s space assets under its control. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin Tweeted:

The Government expects Roscosmos to put forward a draft law on creating a state corporation in the coming days Putin supported Medvedev’s proposal to create a state corporation on the basis of Roscosmos and United Rocket and Space Corporation

He is, of course, referring to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian government has Tweeted a picture of Medvedev meeting with URSC Director General Igor Komarov, who is apparently now the head of Roscosmos. That means Oleg Ostapenko is out as Roscosmos chief.

The appears appears to be modeled on the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, which consolidated Russia’s nuclear industry. It’s an interesting move given that the United States and Europe are looking to the private sector to be innovative and carry more of the burden in space.

  • therealdmt

    Goodbye, Ostapenko…we hardly got to know you

  • He was a d***.

  • therealdmt


  • Tonya

    Nice eulogy!

  • Anyway, the situation seems to be very bad now. It looks like they want to end up any manned flights after ISS.

  • therealdmt

    Why do you say that? Russia has been talking about its own space station, a new manned capsule, trying to partner with China, the moon, etc. The a Russian economy is suffering so all that can’t be done, but Putin seems like a big supporter of manned spaceflight (at least from my admittedly only-mildly-informed-at-best opinion).

    Hopefully Russia continues with the ISS and a compromise is reached regarding Ukraine and, well, a good future can be enjoyed by all.

  • Matt

    A real value of manned spaceflight is in the cooperation of USA and Russia in space for peaceful objectives.

  • Oh you are so wrong. Putin always was cold for space exploration. The
    only thing he wants from space industry is profit. The same thing is
    about fundamental science. Each time Putin talks about sciense or space, we can hear this idea again and again. And now he’s lost in some imperial fantasy. So he absolutely don’t care about space things.

    cheifs of Roscosmos don’t have an experience and knowledge necessary
    to develop any, even primitive strategy for space exploration. So the most likely option is Russia will remain in the ISS program as far as it’s possible and then – nothing. All previously declared projects for space exploration is almost officially in the review list. Superheavy LV denied, next-gen manned spaceship is waiting for decision.

    The optimistic point is it’s very high chances another reform will happen in next 4-8 years.

  • windbourne

    Well, lets see what happens. The good news is that by 2017, America will have at least 1 company that is doing manned flights.
    Personally, I am hoping that Russia will work with the ISS crew to go to the moon and mars. It is better for all that we learn to work together, and stop the BS.

  • therealdmt


  • I’d like to have such a hope too.

  • windbourne

    which we need to work on this.
    Putin is acting crazy, but, NATO has been doing foolish things.

  • windbourne

    you can. After all, it is just a hope. And as one that worked on the cold war, I really do not want to see us return to this, esp. with China’s massive military buildup occurring.

  • Matt

    Putin is doing nothing more as defend his own country and interests against encircling by US (NATO), which turns former USSR parts into US’ puppet states. That is a legitimate position of Putin.

  • Mader Levap

    Most hilarious lie is lie that can be disproven by 10 sec of googling.

    Dear reader, just look at world map. If you want details, use up another five minutes of your life to check on Wikipedia what countries border with Russia and how many of them have NATO bases.
    You don’t even have to get into nitty-gritty details like history, reasons for joining NATO by those countries, size of countries, when these bases was deployed or how dangerous are Chinese NATO soldiers or NATO-trained arctic penguins.

    Nice try, Putinbot.