Mr. Knight Goes to Washington

State Sen. Steve Knight
Steve Knight

Republican Steve Knight was sworn into Congress today as the new House representative for California’s 25th District, replacing retiring Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon.

Knight, who had been a supporter of the space industry while serving in the California State Senate, has been appointed to the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, whose responsibilities include NASA, FAA and other agencies.

He is also a member of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Small Business Committee.

The 25th district includes the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, which are heavily dependent on the aerospace and defense industries. The communities are located just south of Edwards Air Force Base. Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works is located in Palmdale.

On Monday, Knight resigned from the California State Senate, where he had represented the 21st District.

Knight, who lives in Palmdale, is the son of the late William “Pete” Knight, who flew the X-15 and later represented the Antelope Valley in the California State Assembly and State Assembly.


    What is his political affiliation?

  • Larry J

    Read the first word of the article again.

  • windbourne

    What does that matter?
    The GOP has done a great deal of damage to NASA, but if knight works with several good guys, he could change things.

  • Michael J. Listner

    So have the Democrats.

  • windbourne

    The dems have not sought to gut private space, NASA, or even SLS. They support it all, regardless of deficit.

    In fact, I would say that the dems have done little damage since they have done so little.

  • Michael J. Listner

    With the emphasis on having ‘done so little.’

  • windbourne

    Oh It may seem like I am a dem, but I dislike politicians from both major parties ( I am registered Libertarian ). However, let’s keep it on space since Doug does a lot of work on this site for it

  • What have you done for space lately Mr. Listner? Beside beat up SpaceX and defend NASA incompetence at every opportunity? With regards to the value of ‘doing nothing’, Constellation, Ares I, Ares V, Orion and SLS and even ARM mmediately come to my mind. The NASA Constellation star still burns brightly, fueled by money and a powerful black hole.

  • windbourne

    meh. Let him beat up spaceX. SpaceX will continue to grow and shock the space industry.
    As to NASA’s incompetence, I have to differ with you on that.
    NASA is in control of little. It is CONgress, and various presidents, that have been pulling the strings and have caused all of the issues.

  • Michael J. Listner

    Happy New Year to you too Mr. Simon Meddleson, I mean Elifritz.

  • Er … no. Constellation was Griffin’s idea. Michael Griffin was NASA administrator, as I recall. The rank and file, congress and the American public went along with this nonsense when many many credible published alternatives were available, even with NASA and the defense industry.

    After 10 years this is easily the greatest example of NASA incompetence ever. And to add insult to injury they absolutely REFUSE to implement a credible hazardous asteroid survey mission of only roughly $500 million dollars, something that I believe may be mandated by law somewhere.. You can bamboozle the gullible, but you can’t bamboozle the scientifically educated and technologically experienced.