SpaceX Manifest Now Completely Impossible to Follow

SpaceX_Manifest_AlphabeticalSpaceX’s manifest has never been very understandable. Missions were listed by year, with an asterisk clarifying that this was the year when hardware arrived at the launch site.

Now the company has restructured the manifest alphabetically, not by year.

Fortunately, has a list of planned SpaceX missions for 2015 as part of its launch schedule. What they have at the moment are 14 missions, would be a major increase on the six flights the company conducted in 2014. The schedule shows the first test of Falcon Heavy occurring in the third quarter.

The table below excerpts the SpaceX mission from’s launch schedule.

1.Jan. 6
Falcon 9CRS 5CCAFSISS resupply; first-stage barge landing attempt
2.Jan. 29Falcon 9DSCOVRCCAFSDeep Space Climate Observatory headed for L1 Lagrangian point 930,000 miles from Earth
3.FebruaryFalcon 9Eutelsat 115 West B & ABS 3ACCAFSCommunications satellites
4.1st QuarterFalcon 9Orbcomm OG2CCAFSCommunications satellite
5.March 31
Falcon 9Jason 3VAFBOcean altimeter mission
6.April 8Falcon 9CRS 6CCAFSISS resupply mission
7.June 13
Falcon 9CRS 7CCAFSISS resupply mission
8.Second QuarterFalcon 9SES 9CCAFSCommunications satellite
9.3rd Quarter
Falcon 9Amos 6CCAFSCommunications satellite
10.3rd QuarterFalcon HeavyDemo FlightKSCFirst Falcon Heavy flight; first SpaceX launch from Pad 39-A
11.Sept. 2
Falcon 9CRS 8CCAFSISS resupply mission
12.Fourth Quarter
Falcon 9Eutelsat 117 West B & ABS 2ACCAFSCommunications satellites
13.Late 2015
 Falcon 9JCSAT 14CCAFSCommunications satellites
14.Dec. 9
Falcon 9CRS 9CCAFSISS resupply mission