SpaceX Highlights Reel for 2014

Video Caption: Relive SpaceX’s 2014 highlights: launching rockets, landing stages, and unveiling our next generation crewed spacecraft.

  • windbourne

    Launch control for F1 was like less than 6 ppl. Look at Launch control for the F9. Looks a LOT more like a NASA mission. If SpaceX continues to increase like that, it will be far more difficult to keep their costs contained.

  • Tonya

    Aren’t most of those for the Dragon payload?

  • windbourne

    7 out of 13 so far. So about 1/2. But I was under the impression that the dragon was fairly automated

  • Matt

    Why does new Dragon S/C have no internal liner and insulation?

  • Jeff Smith

    Facts, facts, facts. You and your silly facts. They aren’t welcome here in the land of fantasy spaceflight. Take your silly, childish FACTS and go somewhere else!

    (Yeah, you’re not the only one to notice that)

  • therealdmt

    Cool vid. I’m looking forward to seeing that Dragon 2 stuff become reality over the next two years. With funding slipping slightly and a possible upcoming sequester, it could take longer though…

    Anyway, an amazing year, if not quite everything we’d hoped for. Dragon 2 pad abort and Falcon Heavy premier, plus more launches and first stage landing attempts were all supposed to happen in 2014, but, as someone else posted, that only leaves more for 2015! 🙂 (and ’16, and ’17…)

    Progress isn’t always as fast as we’d hope (and boy do we space followers and participants all know that!), but there’s a lot to look forward to too — including in the very near future.

    Here’s hoping for an even better 2015!

  • Hug Doug

    you mean in the capsule that was used at the SpaceX unveiling of the Dragon V2? it’s obviously not finished. the finished one would have insulation, life support systems, etc.

  • Matt

    Yes, I meant this. It was not so clear to me, why an “empty” looking shell only with seats and a display was displayed, so I thought I could had overlooked something (elsewhere in the corners some parts of life support). However, it looks very stylish without insulation. 🙂

  • Hug Doug

    reportedly, the capsule that was displayed is going to be used for one of the abort tests, so it did not need to have the life support and other hardware in it.

  • Matt

    Understood, but I think presentation of a complete mock-up (in addition to the real test article) would be also an alternative.

  • Hug Doug

    it might have been, but Elon Musk has said that it was an actual test article.