World View Video of Sunrise From the Edge of Space

Tucson, AZ, Dec. 18, 2014 (World View PR) – World View Enterprises, the commercial balloon spaceflight company, is releasing actual footage from a recent flight of the awe-inspiring view Voyagers will experience during their journey to the edge of space. This footage depicts the sun rising over the curvature of the Earth as rays of light reflect off the cloud layer to create a majestic glow.

“Part of our goal with World View is to provide a perspective-changing view of our world,” said CEO Jane Poynter. “Our Voyagers will witness our Earth suspended in the inky blackness of space, then see it illuminated by a stunning sunrise. So many astronauts have gone to space to see infinity, but when they turn around and see Earth they fall in love with it. It shifts the way they think about things and we want to give that experience to as many people as possible.”

With World View, Voyagers will float peacefully to the edge of space via high-altitude balloon in a first-class capsule equipped with amenities for the discerning explorer, such as Wi-Fi and an onboard bar. A 360-degree view of the most stunning vistas known to man can be seen as the capsule glides along at peak altitude of 100,000 feet for one to two hours. Passengers will have ample time to soak up the rare views of the curvature of the Earth and the spectacular sunrise. With a deposit towards the $75,000 ticket, guests can secure their flight to behold the beauty of Earth and wonder of the universe.

Mark Kelly, former NASA astronaut and World View Director of Flight Operations said, “During my time in space I saw countless sunrises over Earth, but I will never cease to be amazed by the sight. Seeing the sun light up our planet is one of the most spectacular experiences possible.”

In addition to passenger flights, World View is also opening the stratosphere to research, education, and commercial opportunities. This video was captured on such a flight, in collaboration with Moon Express and Tencent, the latter of which is a World View investor.

About World View

World View is pioneering a new era of discovery at the edge of space. World View offers a gentle, comfortable, and life-changing travel experience to the edge of space for private citizens; and affordable access to a range of near-space commercialization opportunities for researchers, private companies and government agencies. Available today for unmanned commercial opportunities with an altitude threshold of 130,000 feet, and currently taking reservations for manned flights and private tours, World View is creating unprecedented access to the near-space environment. Watch the World View experience here. For more information, visit Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates.