Bristol Spaceplanes Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Ascender (Credit: Bristol Spaceplanes)
Ascender (Credit: Bristol Spaceplanes)

BRISTOL, England (Bristol Spaceplanes PR) — Bristol Spaceplanes are launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring their Ascender space plane to life and affordable space flights one step closer.

Space tourism is currently only an option for the wealthy, something that Bristol Spaceplanes are looking to change. Through crowdfunding, they hope to raise £10,000 which would enable them to build the first model Ascender space plane, plus raise awareness of the realities of space travel.

Today, space travel is still very expensive – it costs tens of millions of pounds to send an astronaut into space. Bristol Spaceplanes airliners would make trips to space hotels comparable to the cost of a first class flight.

To slash the cost of getting into orbit the company have developed a reusable orbital spaceplane. Unlike other space operators, it doesn’t require a throwaway launcher, making space tourism truly viable.

“The main barrier is not the technology, but changing people’s mindset” says founder David Ashford, “the technology is proven it’s just a case of getting people to believe”.

“Support us and you will, we truly believe, be helping us to bring space flight to the masses within 15 years”.

Former UK Minister for Science and Innovation, Lord Drayson, said “The work of Bristol Spaceplanes…could revolutionise the future of space and maintain the UK’s position at the forefront of space technology”.

Supporting Bristol Spaceplanes on Crowdfunder

The crowdfunder campaign will run for six weeks from 10am Monday 15th December and give funders the unique opportunity to be part of a new UK space age.

Keep up to date with Bristol Spaceplanes on Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to pledge your support from Monday 15th December at

About Bristol Spaceplanes

Bristol Spaceplanes was founded in 1991 by David Ashford who brings decades of experience in space plane design. Our goal is to use this experience to realise low-cost access to space.