Mike Alsbury Hailed as Hero

Mike Alsbury
Mike Alsbury

A Message from Scaled Composites

October 31st is now a day in history marked by tragedy

Mike’s life and his work were filled with purpose and achievement. His mission was important, and he approached it with discipline and bravery. Our loss is painful, almost unbearable, and his sacrifice unimaginable by so many. Mike pursued his passion and his curiosity of weightless flight by pioneering an industry that will surely one day allow us all to understand the allure of space.

A hero can be described as an ordinary human who chooses or is thrust into a journey that tests and teaches them; one who risks or sacrifices self for the sake of others or a greater good. Like X-15 pilot Mike Adams, the 7 Challenger and 7 Columbia astronauts, and many others, Michael Tyner Alsbury is an American HERO.

Mike Alsbury Memorial Fund

If you would like to support the Alsbury family, please follow the link below.