Art Dula Sued Over Alleged Fraud Regarding Excalibur Almaz

Art Dula is facing another lawsuit alleging fraud connected with Excalibur Almaz, a company that has been seeking to use old Soviet space station hardware for commercial purposes.

The lawsuit, Takafumi Horie v. The Law Offices of Art Dula, which was filed Nov. 10 in a Harris County district court, alleges that attorney Art Dula convinced Takafumi Horie that he could set up a commercial space transportation program to carry people and cargo into a low Earth orbit by using Russian-made Almaz class space craft.

The lawsuit also alleges that Art Dula used his position as trustee for the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Prize Trust [Heinlein was a prolific science fiction author who was famous for writing about manned space exploration] to “get new business.” The lawsuit also alleges that Dula took $49 million of the investor’s money and put it into his IOLTA account for Horie’s “Japan Space Dream” business. But according to the petition, that business was only to remain a dream.

“Dula never intended to engage in a commercial space program, and in fact continually misrepresented, concealed facts and defrauded his client Takafumie Horie d/b/a Japanese Space Dream,” according to the petition which alleges fraud, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty among other things.

The petition alleges that Horie learned the investment was a “sham” when he learned that Dula had allegedly sold a Russian spacecraft at auction that “was only suitable for display in a museum, and not as a potential flight vehicle as had been falsely represented to plaintiff Horie from the beginning.”

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This is not the first lawsuit against Dula alleging fraud in connection wit Excalibur Almaz.