Outernet Inc. Signs a Letter of Intent with MISHAAL Aerospace for Satellite Launches

MISHAAL_AerospaceMIAMI, Fla. (MISHAAL PR)  — MISHAAL Aerospace Corporation, the Miami-based launch vehicle provider for small satellites, is pleased to announce that Outernet Inc., a New York-based global broadcast data startup, signed a Letter of Intent for launch of their satellites once MISHAAL Aerospace’s  M-OV, Orbital Vehicle, is ready.

The Letter of Intent highlights Outernet’s satellites launch requirements and the minimum payload intended for launch. This letter of Intent also paves the way to enter into negotiations once the M-OV is ready for commercialization and launch.

In addition to its existing Fixed Satellite Service over conventional geostationary satellites, Outernet is interested in offering a mobile service from a constellation of Cubesats sent to Low Earth Orbit. Their aim is to provide basic information such as news, education and emergency alerts to the 60% of humanity who do not have access to it.

“We are eager to have MISHAAL Aerospace succeed in the development of their M-OV, which will enable us to access space on our terms and increase the utility of our service” said Syed Karim, Outernet’s CEO. In response, Mishaal Ashemimry, CEO of MISHAAL Aerospace said “We are thrilled to assist Outernet in providing free access to web content globally in the near future.”


Founded in 2010, MISHAAL Aerospace specializes in launch vehicle development to send small satellites (<=500 kg) to Low Earth Orbit. The company designs, develops and launches its own line of rockets, the M-Rocket, which is the first generation of cost-effective dedicated small satellite launch vehicles. The M- Rocket serves the broad applications of small satellites for clients from government, research, commercial aerospace and telecommunication industries. MISHAAL Aerospace’s objective is to provide a turn-key and cost-effective approach to space access, making it more common place and accessible.

Visit www.mishaalaerospace.com for more information.


Outernet is ensuring that a basic level of digital media is accessible to all of humanity.

Visit www.outernet.is for more information.