Parabolic Arc Readers Skeptical of Branson’s Latest Flight Prediction

branson_flight_march_pollParabolic Arc readers are mighty skeptical about Sir Richard Branson’s latest prediction that he and his son, Sam, will be flying to space aboard SpaceShipTwo by March.

Thirty-nine percent of voters said they felt it was “Highly Improbable” that he would achieve this goal. An additional 31 percent believed it was “Moderately Improbable”, meaning that doubters made up 70 percent of the total.

Only 24 percent of voters believed it was “Moderately Probably” that the Bransons would fly by March, with only 6 percent voting for “Highly Probable.”

The results indicate a certain lack of confidence in Branson’s frequent predictions about the timing of Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight. I guess that can happen after 10 years of watching the date constantly moving to the right.

There is a new poll up now about Sierra Nevada Corporation’s decision to appeal NASA’s award of Commercial Crew awards to Boeing and SpaceX.

As I always say: vote early! Vote often! Just vote, dammit! Vote!