Parabolic Flights Dropped From Ansari X Prize Anniversary Trip

Swimsuit 2014: Zero Gravity Kate Upton Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. (Credit: James Macari)
Swimsuit 2014: Zero Gravity
Kate Upton
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. (Credit: James Macari)

The X Prize Foundation has suddenly dropped parabolic microgravity flights aboard Zero-G Corporation’s G-FORCE ONE aircraft from the itinerary of its $40,000 per person Ansari X Prize 10th anniversary trip.

Instead of floating around in zero g next Friday, participants will be sitting around listening to presentations from the “top Google Lunar X Prize teams.”

It’s not clear from the X Prize’s website which teams will be participating, or whether all current teams — which are spread out around the world — were given the opportunity to present to the high net worth individuals on the trip.

Despite the dropping of the Zero G flights — which cost $4,995 per person plus tax — from the itinerary, the cost of the overall trip remains at $40,000 on the X Prize website.

Peter Diamandis

The zero gravity flights were listed on the X Prize website on Wednesday when Parabolic Arc did a post about the trip. The following day, the itinerary for Friday was changed to presentations from Google Lunar X Prize competitors.

The parabolic flights were a curious addition to the itinerary because the management company that formerly operated the flights for Zero G ended its contract earlier this year and repossessed the three engines it has leased for the Boeing 727 in June.

When Parabolic Arc asked Zero G for comment earlier this month, a spokeswoman said the company is working on its flight schedule for 2015. She would not respond to questions about whether the company had replaced the engines or whether the aircraft was operational.

The four-day adventure trip has limited seats and priority is being given to X Prize Innovation Board members and Vision Circle members. It costs $750,000 to become an Innovation Board member.

“Take confidence in the fact that XPRIZE Chairman, Peter Diamandis, is personally curating these four days to make it one of the most extraordinary trips of your life!” the X Prize’s website exclaims.