Tickets Available for Ansari X Prize Celebration

SpaceShipOne lands after its historic spaceflight on June 21, 2004. (Credit: Ian Kluft)
SpaceShipOne lands after its historic spaceflight on June 21, 2004. (Credit: Ian Kluft)

Good news, everyone!

If for some reason you didn’t get an invitation to the big Ansari X Prize 10th anniversary lunchaganza next week, there’s still a chance for you to go.

There’s just one hitch: it’ll cost you $2,500. And you’ll have to come to Mojave. That’s two hitches, actually. But, you only have to stay a few hours.

The X Prize Foundation has launched a crowd funding campaign for its new initiative, the Global Learning X Prize. Anyone who contributes $2,500 will receive a ticket to the invitation-only event on Oct. 4.

So far, two people have taken up the offer out of 100 tickets available. The event includes a two-hour luncheon with speeches, etc. Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Burt Rutan are expected to attend.

  • TimR

    So Burt is taking time off from his retirement for some celebration. Must be tough and he still probably is working on projects. He retired to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

    I know the hard life Burt now has. I settled back into college, a year and a half there, then transferred. It is a beautiful setting and great place to live along the lake. I took many hikes around Tubb’s Hill, jutting out and overlooking the lake. At sunset I’d sit on a fallen pine tree up on the slopes and watch flocks of ducks skimming the water’s surface, trout jumping, Osprey hovering for fish and owl’s perched beside me unaware of my presence until I moved or made a sound. I was friends with the Knapp Brother’s band and Steve T. – good times. Quite a contrast to the Mojave Desert but composites and aerodynamics makes up for desert (but nothing like springtime in a desert).

  • SilveradoCyn

    I’d love to be there, but can’t afford it! Branson isn’t marketing to me anyway.