• When they say non-GEO, is LEO implied, or is HEO/Lunar implied?

  • Douglas Messier

    Not sure

  • windbourne

    I wonder who is doing the heavies, and what are they?

    Regardless, 9 deals, which means 9 OR more launches

    I do wonder what spacex will do once they have reusable tech. It seems to me that rather than dropping their prices, they should instead fold in launch insurance, which would be easy money for them.
    With this approach, they can take more of the middlemen out of the equation.

  • Hug Doug

    it could be another Lunar X-prize launch to the Moon. it could also be a launch to a Lagrange point. there’s an off chance it’s the Mars One testbed lander to Mars.

    i guess we’ll know more when we know more!

  • Enrique Moreno

    Probably, Bigelow Aerospace.

  • Guest

    yeah, but that is not likely to be done at the paris air show.