Impact of Zero G’s Operational Problems on NASA

Made in Space employees on a Zero G research flight.
Made in Space employees on a Zero G research flight.

As you know, Zero Gravity Corporation provides parabolic flight services to NASA using a modified Boeing 727 aircraft. I asked the folks over at the space agency’s Flight Opportunities Program (FOP), which funds scientific and technical research projects on various vehicles, about what impact the company’s legal and operational problems have had or are having on NASA operations.

NASA Armstrong Public Affairs Specialist Leslie Williams provided the following response:

In answer to your questions,  Zero-G had met its contractual obligations to NASA’s FOP June 30, 2014. The program is not involved with any legal issues Zero G may have.

We did two ready-to-fly technology campaigns, July & August, using NASA’s C-9.

And of course we announced the new list of flight providers yesterday. There may be a follow-on solicitation for parabolic flights in the near future.

To my knowledge Zero-G was not used for NASA training only FOP technologies testing and possibly some educational flights originating from JSC [NASA Johnson Space Flight Center] of which FOP is not involved. You would need to contact Zero-G on their future plans.

FOP’s new list of flight providers includes Masten Space Systems, Virgin Galactic, Up Aerospace and Paragon Space Development Corporation. The list does not include Zero G, which has provided services in the past.