Final Frontier Design launches “Space Suit Experience”

Final_Frontier_Ted Southern_Launch_Position_Flight_Simulator
Ted Southern demonstrates the launch position flight simulator. (Credit: Final Frontier Design)

Brooklyn, NY, August 29, 2014 (FFD PR) — Final Frontier Design (FFD) is proud to unveil their “Space Suit Experience” (SSE) today, offering the public a chance to wear and train in a real space suit. The SSE includes a historical briefing on space suit development and use, comparison testing in a vacuum chamber glove box, an astronaut-style fitting, and full pressurization in an IVA space suit, both standing and in launch position on FFD’s space flight simulator. The SSE is a unique, immersive event for one person.

Participants will also take home a hero shot of themselves in the suit, along with one-of-a-kind images of the suit pressurization (suitable for sharing), an FFD T-Shirt and mission patch, and the unique knowledge of having worn a real space suit. In addition, SSE provides valuable data on space suit performance across a wide spectrum of the public.

At the SSE opening on Thursday, August 28, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a group of
approximately 50 supporters witnessed a demo of the experience. Brienna Henwood, SSE’s inaugural participant, said, “As an astronaut trainer and someone who knows about space suit systems, this is a unique experience not to be missed, for anyone curious or interested in space.”

Historically the purview of the military-industrial complex, this experience was previously offered exclusively at Star City, Moscow, Russian Federation for several thousand dollars. FFD is proud to open this experience to the public*, furthering its commitment to broadening awareness and access to aerospace technology and space exploration as a whole. FFD is currently offering
SSE at an introductory price of $395 at their Brooklyn Navy Yard laboratory.

For more information and to schedule an experience, visit their website:

* Please note, under current government regulations, the SSE is limited to U.S. Citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents only. Participants must be between 5’2” and 6’5”, be in good health, and able to tolerate SCUBA-style pressure changes.

FFD is a space suit design and manufacturing company operating from the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. Born from NASA’s Astronaut Glove Challenge 2009, FFD has developed components and space suits for both NASA and private space access companies since 2010.