DSI Opens Lab in Silicon Valley

dsi_logoMOFFETT FIELD, Calif. (DSI PR) — Deep Space last month opened a lab and office at the NASA Ames Research Park at Moffett Field in Silicon Valley, and expanded its staff. The new facility provides space to begin assembly of the company’s initial spacecraft for an exciting project to be announced next month, with room to expand. The new location enhances the visibility of Deep Space with the NASA-Ames leadership for partnering and contracting. Ames is NASA’s lead center for small spacecraft and hosts a number of agency experts in commercial space. The new facility is in close proximity to technology-savvy investors, partners and a skilled technology workforce.

Deep Space also is growing its team with several new hires and research collaborators. Colorado-based Rhonda Stevenson is now Chief Sales and Promotions Officer, starting with the revamp of the Deep Space By Design retail web site and also covering games, apps, and retail product licensing.

Mark Sonter, the company’s Director of Mining and Processing, has been expanding his team with additional experts. Among them is Gavin Beer, a metallurgical consultant and chemical engineer, who is developing a process flow sheet for extraction of volatiles from carbonaceous chondrite asteroids. Asha Rao, an exploration and resource assessment geologist, and Sophia Casanova, an oil and gas geologist, are expanding on the company’s existing analysis of how to quantify the probability of exploration success in the face of uncertainties about specific asteroid targets.

Chief Scientist Dr. John Lewis is now complemented by Sebastian Ernst, a Germany-based researcher who has spearheaded several Deep Space proposals to NASA. Sebastian also is leading Deep Space’s development of a system for evaluating the deltaV and trip-lengths required to access near Earth asteroids, assisted by DSI Astrodynamics Lead Dr. Chris Cassell and Dan Parcher.