SpaceX Denies It is Raising More Investment Funding

Dragon Version 2. (Credit: SpaceX)
Dragon Version 2. (Credit: SpaceX)

UPDATE NO. 1: SpaceX has denied the report. “SpaceX is not currently raising any funding nor has any external valuation of that magnitude or higher been done. The source in this report is mistaken,” spokesman John Taylor said in an e-mail to Bloomberg News.

UPDATE NO. 2: Tech Crunch is sticking by its original report. “We have followed up with one of our sources who maintains that there is a secondary offering in process with term sheets circulating.”

SpaceX is raising another round of funding based on a valuation “somewhere south of $10 billion, Tech Crunch reports:

The latest capital infusion includes a large secondary investment, which appears to be somewhere in the region of $200 million. This confirms some of the details published in April this year by Quartz, which cited a source reporting that the company might be raising between $50 million and $200 million.

TechCrunch understands that among those investing in SpaceX are international financiers making secondary investments, but also investment firms in the U.S. such as Draper Fisher Jurvetson. DFJ has been a past investor and it also noted, in May, that it is making an investment in SpaceX out of its latest $470 million fund; Blumberg Capital is another name that TechCrunch has heard in connection with SpaceX financing….

According to Crunchbase, SpaceX has raised $245.5 million in private backing, with the last round disclosed in December 2012. In its first 10 years of operation, SpaceX generated $4 billion in contracts (that includes funding from NASA of between $400 million and $500 million). The manifest for upcoming launches lists just under 40 missions planned between now and 2018.

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