Video of Falcon 9 First Stage Descent From Chase Plane

Video Caption: Following the successful launch of six ORBCOMM satellites, the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage reentered Earth’s atmosphere and soft landed in the Atlantic Ocean. This footage is from a chase plane filming the decent of the first stage back to earth.

Towards the end of the video, the camera operator attempted to zoom in and unfortunately lost sight of the stage and was unable to capture the tip over into the water.

  • Wayne Martin

    Awesome! I was wondering when this was going to be released…

    Great video and SpaceX must have a pretty good handle on landing the 1st stage close enough to alow a chase plane to get such great video of the event!

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    the 3 things I’m really looking forward to with Space X is:
    1. A first stage landing on the ground
    2. Launch of the F9 Heavy
    3. & of course, the launch of dragon 2.0

    Keep up the great work Space X!

  • Wayne Martin

    Absolutely and in that order hopefully!

    Can’t wait!

    It sure is great to see such tremendous progress!

    One amazing thing right after another!

  • windbourne

    You missed their production.
    They MUST get their production going and make timelines. Basically, they need to be able to launch on schedule regularly.

    Beyond that, I agree with your list.

  • Wayne Martin

    Ohhhh… But they will…

    And actually I believe their starting to recover pretty quickly and I certainly don’t see any of their customers bailing on them???

    If anything they are accumulating customers by the droves!

    What they need to do to is exactly what they have been doing… and that is to continue to get their customers to orbit safely!

  • windbourne

    It appears that they are getting on track, but they need to make it happen.

  • Terry Stetler users have posted a contrast enhanced vodeo of the landing sequence, and stills. Stunning.

    Enhanced video

  • Alain Nestos

    THAT is nontrivial !

  • Saturn13

    I saw a launch schedule for SpaceX(Spaceflight Now) of no launches for Oct. or Nov. Only a CRS launch in Sept. and Dec. No commercial. A USAF launch next Jan. A lot scheduled for ’15 on official SpaceX manafest though. See how much slip there is. Bigelow has said he will launch in ’17, so take that launch off. There may or not be one launch a month next year. They will get another CRS since no more ATV. I wondered about keeping the pad open since the Nov. abort might take a lot of time. No problem. No other launches. The crew tests will add 2. But flights to ISS are every 6 months so not a lot of launches there in ’17.

  • Hug Doug

    please stop using the word “production” to refer to on-time launches.

    that is not what the word means.

  • windbourne


  • Douglas Messier

    The SpaceX rep at AIAA said there were five more launches planned for this year. As you said, there are only three on the Spaceflight Now manifest. So, several possibilities:

    1. she was counting abort test and there’s another actual launch planned.
    2. there are orbital launches planned for October and November that aren’t on the Spaceflight Now schedule.
    3. She misspoke.

    It’s possible they’ve cleared a wide area around the abort test in November due to its importance. It’s worth a fair amount of money, and if they screw it up they don’t get paid, need to repeat it, and end up delaying the in-flight abort test.

  • windbourne

    I was under the impression that the abort was at vandenberg. If so, it should not interfere with their regular work.

    However, according to wiki, there are 4 more launches, so …..

    1) the next asia sat in 2 weeks
    2) crs-4 in sept.
    3) OG2 for orbcomm in oct.
    4) CRS-5 in dec.

    So, with Nov. missing from this, it would appear that she was counting the abort. Kind of weird that she would do that since it is not a launch. But 30 million is a chunk of money.

  • therealdmt

    Pretty cool. Can’t wait for the barge landing attempt – what a concept!!

  • mfck

    Confucius approves of this comment.

  • James

    Its not production its launching. Modern American launch infrastructure just can’t handle the numbers. So Brownsville gets probably the most busy space port in the world.

  • Saturn13

    All good reasons. Orbcom says launch may be by the end of the 4th 1/4. She? What presentation was that? I heard he and he had some interesting things about the V2. Like what it was. I need to watch that again. The NASA said they all use parachutes, so he may be hinting that NASA will not use the propulsive landing option. Last I heard Gwen say that they were waiting on the customers, not SpaceX. I had not checked, but assumed with this flurry of activity so close together, it would continue. I guess there is a good reason for it. I think it is $30m per test. So yes a fair amount. I guess the in flight will use a dummy sec. stage. How do they get a launch that cheap? Reused 1st stage maybe. They say a reusable 1st stage by the end of the year. They may only have one chance, since they say the next CRS mission is not likely to have success.

  • Saturn13

    The in flight is at Vandenberg. Get a little use out of that launch pad. As I said: OrbCom website says by the end of the 4th 1/4, maybe.

  • Douglas Messier

    Launch provider panel at AIAA. Reps from ULA, SpaceX, Orbital. Go watch it over at the AIAA website.

  • Terry Stetler

    Not really a slip – planned activity for the NASA Commercial Crew program. There is no KSC launch activity in October so they can prepare for the Dragon V2 pad abort test in November. Launches then pick up again.

  • Hug Doug

    i think Webster would agree more, but okay lol

  • Wayne Martin

    I noticed an interesting occurance yesterday… in that I saw another SpaceX bashing “Anomalies” article… but what I found even more interesting was that this article was by Forbes titled: “When SpaceX Falters, Washington Looks the Other Way”

    Which first off I found somewhat laughable especially in light of the congressmen that hailed from the states of Alabama and Colorado and their antics with their Anomalies letter!

    When I clicked on the URL it was Dead and it seems as though that Forbes had pulled the article…

    Link to the advertised article that I got from which is by the way… still there and still Dead…

    When SpaceX Falters, Washington Looks The Other Way.

    Also, countless other websites referred to this article as well as they all pointed to this same link?

    Maybe it’s just my curiosity but I would love to know the story behind what’s going on with not only Forbes joining the ranks of the for mentioned congressmen even more so what the deal is with the article be pulled and why?

    To me there is the potential of a good story here!

  • Saturn13

    That exhaust sure blows a hole in the water. Looks like it would go down far enough and the water would close in and slow the tip over enough to so no damage. If they let it have some speed and drop more it may work. But then it may shoot straight back up and be worse. I wonder if they are or could fire the control jets if there is waterproof electronics. Maybe they can get the landing platform ready by the next flight.

  • Wayne Martin

    It seems thats others have picked up on this as well.

    I was beginning to think that no one else but myself found this suspicious…

    The article was pulled but there are reprints of this articles!

    “SpaceX Hater Article Disappears From Forbes Website”

    from Nasawatch:

    Link to the Forbe’s Reprinted Article:

    Interesting that the author of the Forbes article is up front with the following disclosure of the article Forbes decided to pull only hours after posting it…

    (“Disclosure: Several of SpaceX’s competitors contribute to my think tank; two of them — Lockheed MartinLockheed Martin and Sierra Nevada — are consulting clients.)”

    This article does seem extremely slanderous!