Agencies to Monitor Impact of Lynx Flights on Chickens

Lesser prairie chicken
Lesser prairie chicken

Some news out of Midland, Texas, where concern over the impacts of Lynx rocket flights on the lesser prairie chicken have been a concern in Midland International Airport’s spaceport license:

The Midland International Airport sent a statement to NewsWest 9 saying the Department of Airports and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services agree there could be some effect on the birds.

So both agencies will be monitoring the first five launches to make sure the Lesser Prairie Chicken will not be harmed.

The spaceport license is required for XCOR Aerospace to move its research and development operations to the Midland airport from its current location in Mojave, Calif. The company will conduct test flights of its Lynx suborbital vehicle from the west Texas facility.

The Federal Aviation Administration is due to make a decision on the license application by Sept. 15.