SpaceWorks Market Assessment: NanoSats Beginning to Outstrip Launch Capacity

AAC Microtec CubeSats (Credit: NASA)
AAC Microtec CubeSats (Credit: NASA)

A note from SpaceWorks Enterprises:

We have conducted a study looking at recent trends in the launch vehicle market. With the growing popularity of nano/microsatellites, this study seeks to determine whether the current launch vehicle market can sufficiently meet this growing demand. Some of our findings include:

  • The total number of launches per year has been relatively constant over the last four years despite the significant rise in number of satellites launched per year.
  • Nearly half of 2013 launches experienced significant delay, an unfortunate result for secondary payloads seeking rideshare opportunities.
  • Our historical analysis suggests that the current supply of launch vehicles will not sufficiently serve future nano/microsatellite market demand.
  • In order to foster the dynamic growth observed in 2013, the launch vehicle market will need to provide more launches and increase the portion of launches servicing nano/microsatellites.

Download a PowerPoint briefing here.