SpaceX Scrubs Webcast Then Launch; Plebes Are Not Amused

Falcon 9 in flight with the SES-8 satellite. (Credit: SpaceX)
Falcon 9 in flight with the SES-8 satellite. (Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX had to scrub its scheduled launch of six ORBCOMM satellites due to lightning on Saturday, but what seemed to really annoy its many fans was the company’s decision to not webcast the proceedings from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

After webcasting a launch attempt on Friday that was scrubbed due to pressure problems in the second stage, SpaceX made a surprise decision not to show Saturday’s launch effort.

“We’ve actually been ready to move away from the webcasts for awhile,” SpaceX spokeswoman Emily Shanklin wrote in an email to Spaceflight Now. “It takes a lot of resources but the main reason is these launches are becoming more routine and the full webcast isn’t really appropriate anymore.”

Although some of the Twitterati expressed anger over the decision, I actually see it as a step in the right direction. Perhaps if Elon Musk can give some of his employees a Saturday off, he will no longer schedule launches on national holidays like it did last Thanksgiving. There are a few days of the year that should be set aside for family and friends.

There has been no immediate word on when the launch will be rescheduled.