Dnepr Launches 37 Satellites, Including 11 for Planet Labs

Dnepr launch vehicle. (Credit: ISC Kosmotras)
Dnepr launch vehicle. (Credit: ISC Kosmotras)

A Dnepr rocket launched a record 37 satellites into space today from the Yasny Launch Base in Russia, including 11 Dove 1c remote sensing spacecraft for the American start up company Planet Labs.

Company officials reported via Twitter that they had established contact with all 11 spacecraft on the first pass over the control center. ISC Kosmotras, the company that launches Denprs, said in a press release that all satellites were deployed into their intended orbits.

The rocket is a SS-18 ballistic missile converted into a satellite launcher with the support of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh companies, which are part of the ISC Kosmotras industrial team.


  • savuporo

    Oh – 37 satellites ? I thought that Russia didnt stand a chance on this hectic commercial market ..

  • CharlesHouston

    It is interesting to see the various sites quoting various numbers of “satellites”, for instance Voice Of Russia says 33 satellites. It depends on how we count them.

  • justchaz

    In all the years that Europe and Russia quietly became the only economically viable sources for commercial launches, you heard little about it here, only the quiet woe of nameless industries moving away, except in highly visible auto(Japan). SpaceX, with South African spearhead, comes aboard and suddenly all you hear is about the genius of the USA redefining this and that. No one, perceivably anyway, is allowed to do anything better than the US. Then when a China makes it unavoidable, it automatically becomes the enemy. This need of Americans to push the always and forever exceptionalism d̶e̶l̶u̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ doctrine to the point of blindness is toxic. It sets apart the US, to its detriment, from other nations while most other nations, combined, find, celebrate and exercise their strengths without acrimony, albeit with a bit of spite for the US. Iran, Russia and Cuba are not so hated around the world even if America would like to dictate it so for others….. but I digress.


    I think Musk is a great person trying to do great things and it has nothing to do with what country he is from.

    Why do you follow Kim Kardashin?? I don’t even know who she is?

  • justchaz

    Heh, sure. Sigh.