Senate Boosts NASA’s Budget

NASA LOGOThe Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a FY 2015 budget for NASA that totals $17.9 billion. The amount $439 million above the Obama Administration’s request and $254 million above the fiscal year 2014 enacted level. The spending plan is also in line with the $17.896 billion approved by the House.

Details on the Senate spending measure are still a bit sparse, but the Commercial Crew Program would receive $805 million, which is less than the $848 million requested by the Obama Administration but more than the House’s allocation of  $785 million.

Senators reportedly left in language inserted by Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) that could drive up the cost of the Commercial Crew Program. See the Space Access Society alert for more details.

The Space Launch System would received $1.7 billion. The House has approved $1.6 billion for the heavy-lift rocket, while the Administration wants to spend $1.38 billion.

The International Space Station would received $3 billion, which is in line with what the House approved and the Administration proposed. Senators approved $5.2 billion for NASA’s Science program, a boost of more than $200 million over the Administration’s request.

  • savuporo

    SLS got a 30% boost in the funding level vs the request. For a megabillion program, that is kind of rare.

  • BeanCounterFromDownUnder

    Yeah and stupid.

  • windbourne

    Hopefully Obama veto’s this garbage.

  • therealdmt

    “Senators reportedly left in language inserted by Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) that could drive up the cost of the Commercial Crew Program.”

    This could be bad…

  • therealdmt

    Ya know, one would have thunk that they’d ACCELERATE commercial crew on the heels of Crimea and the cutoff of Russian engine supply.

    Instead, they continue to underfund commercial crew, possibly even hamstring it (this FARs business), and pour even more money into a rocket to nowhere. Oh yeah, and put up money for a new government funded rocket. It’s like we’re TRYING to fail.

  • Paul451

    It’s a bear trap. If he vetoes it, he is “opposing the increase in NASA funding”, which fits the anti-Obama narrative that “Obama hates NASA”.

    If he had line-item veto, he could remove the stupidity while keeping the increase; but no such luck.

  • windbourne

    O is a lame duck. As such he can now force this right and not worry about votes.

  • windbourne

    You think? 🙁

  • windbourne

    Yeah, I get so tired of these traitors.