NewSpace 2014 to Feature Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

sff_logoSILICON VALLEY, CA (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation and the NewSpace Business Plan Competition are thrilled to announce a new type of entrepreneurial competition for 2014. This year, the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, along with ATK and the Heinlein Prize Trust, will be co-sponsoring a “Lightning Pitch” event during the Space Frontier Foundation’s annual NewSpace Conference. The sponsors will award over $20,000 in cash prizes for the top contestants.

“This novel event, that is somewhere between an Elevator Pitch Competition and a customary Business Plan Competition, offers an exciting new way to reward entrepreneurial space companies while providing an engaging and fast-paced event for spectators,” said NewSpace BPC Project Manager, Thomas A. Olson. “Holding this competition in conjunction with the NewSpace Conference also gives start-up companies an unparalleled opportunity to network and interact with some of the top companies, investors and scientists in the space community.”

The Lightning Pitch Competition has been designed to provide a competitive environment for participants, but to also be lively, energetic and exciting for the audience. The fast-paced competition will showcase 10 start-up companies who have a business idea that is either directly related to space, or is a Space-Scalable™ technology.

“The Space Frontier Foundation is honored to be involved with a program that not only rewards the entrepreneurial spirit but also strives to open the frontier for all humanity,” said Space Frontier Foundation President, James Pura. “Having this competition during the conference also provides an opportunity to educate the space community about the new and exciting technologies that are enabling the development of this industry.”

The Lightning Pitch presentations will take place during a 90 minute segment of NewSpace’s morning agenda on Thursday, July 24th 2014. Each 4 minute pitch will be followed by a 3 minute Question and Answer session where contestants will field provoking questions from the “Shark Tank” of Investor/Judges. Later that evening, at an exclusive VIP reception, winners will be announced and cash prizes awarded.

Entries, in the form of a 1-3 page Executive Summary, will be accepted until Saturday, June 7th. In addition to the presentation of the business case for the enterprise, executive summaries should include a coherent explanation of how the company will help enable the opening of the space frontier.

Entries (in PDF or Microsoft Word format) can be e-mailed directly to the NewSpace BPC judges at: Interested competitors can navigate to the NewSpace Business Plan Competition website at to learn more about this unique competition for 2014.

The NewSpace Business Plan Competition will not be holding a traditional business plan competition this year as the organization is in the process of restructuring and creating a bigger and better competition for 2015. In the meantime, this Lightning Pitch Competition will serve as a bridge between the traditional competitions held previously by the NewSpace BPC and the enriched competitions to begin in 2015.