Rogozin Actually Needs Trampoline to Reach Space

Russian Ruler for Life Vladimir Putin appointed neo-Stalinist Dmitry Rogozin as deputy prime minister a few years ago to clean up the defense and space sectors. One of his major duties was to try to put an end to repeated launch failures the nation had been suffering at the time.

Today, there was yet another example of just how good Mr. Rogozin is at his job. Yet another Proton rocket failed 540 seconds into its flight, taking Express-AM4R satellite down with it. This was the second Proton failure since July, and the sixth one in the last few years.

Now, Rogozin can’t go in and oversee quality control on these rockets himself. But, he was supposed to make changes to the system to make sure these failures stopped. Whatever Rogozin has done, it’s not working. The man is failing in a primary part of his job.

If I were Putin (and the thought is horrifying), I’d fire Rogozin’s fat ass for incompetence. Not just for failing to improve quality control, but focusing on so many other things. Like the annexation of Crimea. And threatening to fly a bomber over Romania.

  • Guy Rovella

    In the good old days that kind of failure would get you the gulag, or worse…

  • Robert Gishubl

    To me it is all the more reason not to rely on Russia for Engines and crew transport. I agree the Russians under Putin have some issues and to put it in age appropriate language “do not play well with others” but the only reason it is a problem for access to space is of US making.
    Having essential military payloads launched relying on engines imported from an adversary is not real smart and has been known and identified as a problem but nothing effective has been done.
    Congress has known about the lack of crew access for a long time and NASA has been trying since 2006 and COTS but the crew option was not funded.

  • savuporo

    Siberia is perfect for practicing life in a Martian colony or such, its about as friendly environment. Minus the bears, of course.

    And the good old “Mr. Rogozin, it’s time to sit down and write two letters .. “

  • Kapitalist

    I’m just reminding you that the Soyus which carries crews to the ISS has a flawless record. The last 14 astronauts killed were Americans.

    Many in the US seem to think that the whole world is their enemy, including their nearest allies in NATO such as the UK and Germany against the politicians of which the US secretly spy. The US cannot isolate itself from industrial cooperation and specialization, the US only has 22% of the world GDP today, a shrinking fraction.

    The US has the by far largest military in the world, and when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.

  • mfck

    When you have Rogozin everything looks like a trampoline

  • windbourne

    Having a flawless record does not matter. It has been pretty much on the same launch system for the last 50 years. But they will be changing to a whole new system. It has the same risk as say spacex’s systems. As such, going back to american makes perfect sense.
    And it makes more sense once we have multiple launch systems.
    Gaeteno, why are you always suggesting that spaceX should not happen and that america should become fully dependent on a nation that has Putin in charge?
    And when answering that, keep ww1 and 2 in mind.

  • Mader Levap

    He will not be fired. Russia is ridden with corruption (shockingly, even more than USA – this is in itself pretty good feat) and being incompetent at job is not sufficient reason to fire anyone with… friends.

  • Kapitalist

    Because isolationism makes everything more expensive and of lower quality than what free trade and thereby increased specialization does. See North Korea which has perfected isolationism as its economic policy. Russia is very much more dependent on the rest of the world than vice versa. Many in the US don’t seem to understand that the US is also very dependent on the rest of the world. It’s not 1945 anymore. And Russia is not a communist country, get real and stop being paranoid.

  • therealdmt

    Ha, ha – “Kapitalist” is Gaeteno! Small internet. Good call, wimdbourne!

  • therealdmt

    Maybe he can borrow that NASA trampoline?

  • Nickolai

    From the perspective of an outside observer, it doesn’t seem to be the whole Russian space industry that’s having trouble with quality control, mostly just Khrunichev. At least 3 of the 6 failures you mention were Khrunichev’s fault – I don’t have time to research the other 3 but I think at least one of them was sort of Energiya’s fault.

    Also, Khrunichev recently delivered the MLM, Russia’s newest module for their segment of ISS, to Energiya, which had to return it to Khrunichev because the fuel system had so many problems, it needed to be gutted entirely, setting the project back 15 months. The way things are going, the module might not even be ready before Russia quits the ISS!

  • Aerospike

    Gaetano uses at least 2 different font sizes, 3 different colors, way too much italics and boldface and UPPERCASE whenever possible! :p

    (and claims that _everything_ was his idea 😉 )

  • Kapitalist

    What is “Gauteno”?

  • Guy Rovella

    I had one semester of Russian 30 years ago. Translation please.

  • savuporo

    Rogozin already posted the translation on his english account ( hold the course, we are doing everything super well already )
    There is a ton of hardly translatable excellent sarcasm there though, and crackpottery too. Some people are blaming the failures on not making the electronics domestically anymore, i.e. its all sabotaged by evil capitalists.

  • Guy Rovella

    Long live the glorious peoples struggle against the capitalist oppressor pig dogs! Our course their all capitalist oppressors now so it takes all the fun out of it buI do miss the old revolutionary jargon.

  • savuporo

    Nono, you are confusing robber barons, czars, mobsters and oligarchs with capitalism.

  • Phil

    Honestly guys thats maybe not as bad as the rest of the world looks at you but it’s pretty close. I admire you for your space programms and for helping out Germany after WW2. But thats about it,… I know there are a lot of nice people in the states, but your government is acting insane, no matter which party.

  • Stuart

    Nice to see him eat his words!

  • Robert Gishubl

    It is not the US military but US foreign policy and its hypocrisy on free trade such as the Jones act, farm subsidies and export restrictions for military and “dual use” technology.
    Probably the biggest problem for the US is its isolationist education system that is so inwards looking rather than outward looking.
    As for the Russians there are systemic problems with quality in the space program, a progress has failed which uses the same rocket as Soyuz. Historical performance is no guarantee of future performance. Any failure is of concern and needs to be investigated, repeated failures indicates a systemic problem that has not been properly addressed. Russia is suffering from systemic problems and hoping Soyuz will be immune from these issues is not very smart. It is all the more reason to have multiple ways to access space.

  • Mahound

    Before you contemplate firing Rogozin, why don’t you start by getting rid of Obama’s narcissist ass for stating that one of NASA’s main aims was to “make Muslims feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering”?

  • Mahound

    It’s not the military that has given the orders. It’s a sneaky bunch of politicians and their enablers in the media.

  • Guy Rovella

    I hate to say it but when you get to the multinational corporation level it’s hard to tell the difference.