Virgin Galactic Hires PR Firm in Preparation for Commercial Flights

Credit: Ken Brown
Credit: Ken Brown

Virgin Galactic has hired a high-profile firm, Edelman Digital, to help it handle public relations and social media activities as Sir Richard Branson’s space tourism company looks toward the start of commercial flights later this year.

Adweek has a story about the deal that includes an appropriately hyped up headline (“Virgin Galactic Is Going to Be Social Media on Rocket Fuel…a Never-before-seen Buzz Vortex”) and a prediction that one should never, ever use in connection with any type of rocket program (“Can you imagine what Twitter, Facebook and other social channels are going to be like if Branson’s venture gets going for real? The Internet would completely blow up.“)

Sigh… 🙁

The heart of the story is a Q&A interview with Ron Guirguis, managing director of corporate affairs at Edelman, who lays out the company’s plans for helping Virgin Galactic deal with the avalanche of attention when celebrities such as actor Leonardo DiCaprio begin to fly.

There’s going to be so much great content when you start thinking about what’s going to be happening in the next few years with Virgin Galactic,” Guiguis said. “It’s such a great [general] story, but also a great business story. They are pioneering and creating a brand-new industry. And that’s pretty exciting stuff. They are documenting all of it. The content treasure trove is great for social.”

It’s an interesting interview that’s worth a read.