SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Delayed

SpaceX has delayed to the scheduled Saturday launch of its Falcon 9 rocket due to a failure to conduct a static test earlier today. Orbcomm which has six satellites aboard the launch vehicle, has issued the following statement:

“Today’s attempt to perform the static firing test was stopped while the rocket was being fueled. Both the OG2 satellites and the rocket are in safe condition and will be rotated horizontal and rolled back into the integration facility.

“This will prevent us from launching this weekend. We will keep you posted on when the next launch attempt will take place but it’s likely to be later this month.”

A launch could take place on Monday. If not, then the launch will likely slip to late in May due to a couple of other launches on the schedule at Cape Canaveral.

Update from SpaceX;

A static fire test in advance of SpaceX’s ORBCOMM OG2 Mission 1 was scrubbed this morning during fueling. Both the Falcon 9 rocket and ORBCOMM satellites are in good condition but as a result of schedule constraints, launch will be postponed past this weekend with the next opportunity most likely in late May. Today’s pad visit will also be rescheduled. Additional information will be provided as available via .